10/15/2013 02:59 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

10 Great German Beers for Oktoberfest -- or Any Fest

Joshua M. Bernstein

As Oktoberfest winds down, so does the drinking public's infatuation with German beer. And although you may have glugged enough märzenbier -- the robust, full-bodied lager typically served during the celebration -- to fill a few dozen glass boots, this is not the time to thumb your nose at Deutschland's intoxicating bounty.

The country's canon of beer styles shoots far and wide, veering from crisp, bright lagers to hefeweizen's cousin roggenbier and the sour, smoky Lichtenhainer. (Trust us, you'll want to taste them.) So instead of saying auf wiedersehen to German brews, take these foreign styles for a spin. We doubt you'll give them the boot.

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