7 Restaurant Dishes That Other Restaurants' Chefs Love

What chefs eat when they're serving the food.
09/11/2013 01:32 pm ET Updated Oct 28, 2013

Danielle Walsh, Bon Appetit

Some chefs work tirelessly to make their restaurants extraordinary, obsessing over everything from staff uniforms to the position of an herb on a plate. But just like us, they like to enjoy nice meals out on their days off, retreating to dining rooms where they're not thinking about what's going on behind the scenes. We asked some of our chef friends to name extraordinary dishes they've had at their peers' restaurants around the country, and we got the recipes for our September issue's RSVP column. We think we might just cook every single one before the summer's over.

7 Restaurant Dishes That Other Restaurants' Chefs Love

If there's a restaurant dish you're dying to know how to make at home, send your request to rsvp@bonappetit.com. Or, better yet, tweet us at @BonAppRSVP. All you need to tell us is the dish name, the restaurant, and the city. The rest is up to us.