06/14/2013 12:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Oreo Cookie Pancakes: Redefine Your Short Stacks

By Sam Dean, Bon Appétit


As any parent knows, pancake creation is one of America's leading fields for at-home culinary artistry. For the budding pancakeur, there's the "Mickey Mouse head" and the "snowman with no face;" for those with some experience, there's the "heart shape" and the "blobby star;" and at the peak of his or her craft, a mature griddle artist might move on to the "rocket ship" and, with the right deftness of wrist, "Whistler's Mother."

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But when you stack those 'cakes up against these Oreo Cookie Pancakes from Minimalist Baker, what once looked avant garde suddenly looks like last year's CVS circular. Instead of messing with the classic circular form (child's play!), these pancakes radically redefine the very concept of "pan cake," changing the batter to a chocolatey black while filling in the liminal cake-spaces with a coconutty creme filling. Also, they're vegan!

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You can get the whole recipe over at the Minimalist Baker. If you make a batch this weekend, just be sure you're prepared for a counter-revolutionary response: most will understand your vision, but others fear change, even when it looks and tastes like Oreos.

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