10/07/2013 01:35 pm ET Updated Dec 01, 2013

The Complete Guide to Drinking Beer for College Students

Joshua M. Bernstein

I treated my college education as a four-year extended bar crawl, spending my nights downing longnecks of Schlitz and Genesee Cream Ale and my mornings clutching my head and a bottle of aspirin, the child-proof cap long since pried off. In many respects, college prepared me for my job as journalist specializing in beer. But thinking back to my youthful mistakes makes me cringe as immediately as does glimpsing a Natural Ice can.

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For all you of-age students -- repeat: of-age students -- I decided to create a primer suitable for imbibing occasions ranging from a kegger to a classy bar. From properly pouring a brew to the best beer for morning drinking, here's how to make sure that your college years aren't totally wasted.

The Complete Guide to Drinking Beer for College Students

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