08/21/2014 12:47 pm ET Updated Oct 21, 2014

The Most Overblown Restaurant Trends of 2014

Bon Appetit

Andrew Knowlton

If we never see these shark-jumping restaurant trends again, it'll be too soon.

Andrew Knowlton's 6 to 86:

1. "Seacuterie"

Seafood sausages are fine, but this word should be banned.

2. Poutine
This is just a big fat excuse to eat french fries as an appetizer.

3. Brussels sprouts with fish sauce

Surely there must be some other ways besides David Chang's now-classic combination to make this hated vegetable taste delicious.

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4. Deviled eggs
Restaurants charging diners $2 a pop for something my great-grandmother used to take to family picnics is kind of absurd. Chefs: You can try a little harder.

5. The quote: "He was a bold man that first ate an oyster."
If Jonathan Swift had a penny for every menu, poster, wall, chalkboard, coaster, or Web site this quote has shown up on...

6. Listing "Beer for the kitchen" as a menu item
Nothing wrong with taking in a six-pack for the cooks, but putting a price on it is like begging for compliments.

The Rest of the BA Staff Piles On:

"Enough already with the unadorned, unforgiving wooden benches. If I wanted to sit on a church pew, I'd go to Mass." --Carla Lalli Music, food editor

"Not taking reservations. Waiting in line is for tourists!" --Elizabeth Jaime Oscoff, photo assistant

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"I'm officially done with menus built entirely around small plates for the table. I'm just not very good at sharing." --Rochelle Bilow, Web writer

"I'm all for sharing dishes at the table, but I could do without unisex bathrooms. Some things just don't need to be shared." --Lilli Sherman, public relations

"Restaurants closing because rent is too high. Because more places to choose from is a good thing." --Sylvia W. Chan, director of finance & business operations

"Communal salt--nice presentation, but a little disgusting. Let's put a spoon in there, people!" --Courtney Warco Verdier, executive director, integrated marketing

"The 13-ingredient house cocktail with homemade everything. Chances are I don't want half of them, and the things I do want are already made. Unless you grow your own lemons." --Hannah Micley, marketing coordinator

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