06/29/2012 06:31 pm ET Updated Aug 29, 2012

Ann Curry, You Have Nothing to Apologize for About Your Work on the Today Show

Ann Curry had no reason to sob and say she was sorry to her viewers or anyone else for her performance on the Today show. Here's why she didn't drop the ball.

Ann Curry, you looked your most stunning ever in your beautiful "last day" red dress on the Today show June 28, when you made your heartfelt announcement that you were leaving your "dream job".

And while we absolutely get why you're so upset to be leaving the Today show couch, we don't think you had any need to apologize for not carrying the ball over the finish line, as you put it.

Ann, you worked tremendously hard. No one could have been more dedicated as a co-anchor and journalist. Not all circumstances or situations are under your control. And we do see you as a "groundbreaker," who carried the ball -- and carried it well.

Watch reporter Chloe Melas and I talk about your emotional last announcement on Today:

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