12/23/2010 12:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Does Sarah Palin Think a College Education Is Too Elitist for Her Daughter Bristol and Son Track?

Sarah has slagged President Obama as an elitist. Is she so anti-uppity that she would sacrifice her own children's future opportunities?

It's so strange: You went to college, five colleges in fact, before you wrapped up your bachelor of communications degree from the University of Idaho. Your father was a science teacher, your mother was the school secretary, and your brother Chuck is a teacher -- so why don't you ever promote the value of education even in your own family?

You have no problem speaking out against First Lady Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign for children. That means you don't even like the idea of Michelle "educating" parents on the dangers of fattening food.

And having watched every episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska, I've heard you repeatedly laud "family values," the "work ethic" and the importance of taking individual initiative.

These are all great things but I've never heard you mention the value of education... once.

And I'm wondering if you are shortchanging your own children by not encouraging and enabling them to go to college. Take Bristol, for example -- her dreams of going to college to get a nursing degree were cut short by her teen pregnancy at age 17. Then once she had baby Tripp, now 2, she sadly resigned herself to possibly going to a community college to study real estate instead.

And even that was dependent on getting free babysitting from her father Todd, sister Willow and other family members, she said.

Now Sarah, why should her dreams and opportunities be cut short because she was a teen mom?

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