08/16/2011 11:28 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2011

Kate Gosselin -- You Only Have Yourself to Blame For Kate Plus 8 Being Canceled

Kate -- I hate to tell you, I told you so, but I did tell you to stop attacking your ex-husband Jon at every turn and to start being warmer to your kids.

Listen Kate -- I'm sure you were trying to do the best thing for your kids by putting them to work and making them stars of a reality show. I'm sure that you looked at your former salary as a nurse and it was a quick calculation to see that you'd be making a whole lot more dough and could lead a far more exciting lifestyle if you had the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show, and then kept it going after your divorce.

But what you never seriously considered was what made your initial show a hit and what you would need to do to sustain it or even grow that interest after you dumped Jon personally and professionally. But you didn't do that!

You clearly didn't realize that #1 your fans liked you and Jon together as a family -- even as a family with parents that sniped at each other. THAT was refreshingly real -- most parents do bicker at each other, and fans could understand why you'd do that, especially with eight young kids. It's stressful -- we got that.

What wasn't so appealing after you split was when the sniping became one-sided and when it went on and on and on. Last September 10th, 2010, you told Anderson Cooper, who was filling in on the Regis & Kelly show, that when your kids had visitation with Jon, "[you] basically wait for the phone call, for how many of them want to come home." You admitted under further questioning that "at different days and different times, some of them don't mind spending time with him." Slam!

But of course your kids didn't mind spending time with Jon -- he's still their dad and he could be a fun dad. We saw that on the show. Just because you and Jon had issues and yes, he may have cheated -- that sucks -- but didn't mean that he couldn't still be a loving father to your kids.

You were still at it on Access Hollywood recently on June 6, when you again implied that Jon still didn't want to parent his children. "He is actually making an effort for the four days a month he has the kids," you related. "I do wish he would see them more, but that is what he has chosen."

The only thing Kate is that, it's been very well publicized that you have full custody of the Gossellettes and that Jon would love to see them more. That bothered the fans of the show. They didn't like that you were apparently with holding the kids from Jon.

#2) Fans wanted to see the eight cute Gossellettes on Kate Plus 8 and instead we got a whole lot of you -- going bungee jumping without the kids in New Zealand, going swimming with sharks without the kids in Australia and going out with your girlfriends to party and dance in NYC for your birthday, without the kids.

The problem with this was that you weren't loose, or funny enough or self-deprecating enough to make interesting TV on these "adventures." Maybe if you had just been very open and honest about the trials and tribulations of going through a divorce and being a single mom, it could have made for very engrossing and empathetic TV.

Instead, you preferred to present yourself as a perfect mom, though grouchy mom, who made all your kids meals, even when you were traveling to LA to do Dancing with the Stars.

#3) When your kids were expelled from school -- again you weren't honest about it, and you insisted that filming a TV show was not at all part of their problems.

Kate -- people get uncomfortable when they feel like they're contributing to making children miserable and I think this was more of a watershed moment than you realized.

You did admit that Collin and Alexis "were having anger issues, acting out, having a behavior thing." But you insisted that TV was not the reason for your children being asked to leave school. Maybe so -- but then people wondered if the hostility that you kept expressing against Jon on TV could have a lot to do with it. If you were dissing Jon publicly, what were you doing when the cameras were off? Maybe that upset your children who were after all only seeing their dad four days a month!

#4) Finally Kate -- you were a Wendy Whiner who seemed too focused on your hair, abs and spray tan to appeal to regular moms.

You went on Sarah Palin's Alaska and whined about the rain, the Caribou burger, and the cold and then you dragged your kids away from having a good time, and dissed them by telling them they were now Palins instead of Gosselins.

You whined on your birthday episode that you didn't want to dance and that Jon was "abducted by aliens," and you whined when you tried bungee jumping.

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