01/04/2012 05:50 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

Katy Perry: Get on a Plane & Stop Your Divorce From Russell Brand

Katy -- we hear that you're devastated by your divorce from Russell Brand. So you know what -- it's time to fight for your man

Just because Russell Brand filed for divorce on Dec. 30th doesn't mean that the death of your marriage has to be a done deal, Katy Perry.

Not if you still love Russell and want to be married to him. Katy -- it's time to get on a plane pronto from LA to London and go and fight for your marriage.

Maybe the two of you have been fighting long distance for months as your world tour has been going on. That's understandable. You are still newlyweds and the first year of marriage is hard enough WITHOUT being separated by enormous work commitments. And it's enough when the two people involved aren't both major stars with major egos and "handlers" to boot.

It's so easy to start fighting when you can't see each other and you're frustrated by the distance. Plus, it's so much easier to make up when you can see each other, talk in person and be able to be intimate. Separation is that enemy of a happy romance and marriage.

Listen Katy -- you've probably both been super stressed out. Russell is a recovering sex and drug addict -- and that's an ongoing stress. He NEEDS you. He married you because he was crazy about you and you were a shining light in his life. I bet you had tons of fun together and he liked the stability that your marriage offered him. But when you weren't there and you were partying at times without him, he probably felt like you weren't supporting him and his sobriety.

Katy -- you can be there for him again, if you decide to make that a priority and that doesn't mean that you have to put your enormously successful career on the back burner. You two just have to work together harder to coordinate your schedules and plan in time together. You can also have fun again. You can feel love and passion again. You don't need to just accept that because you've had some arguments that your marriage is over for good.

But Katy, you may have to take the first step. Don't be proud. Don't let your marriage slip away because Russell may have filed for divorce in anger.

Just look at Billy Ray Cyrus who filed for divorce from his wife Tish. He quietly withdrew that petition several months later and the couple reunited.

It even looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver will reconcile despite the fact that he had a lengthy affair and out-of-wedlock son with the family's housekeeper, Mildred Baena.If they can make up, surely you and Russell can!  A source tell us at that Arnold and Maria both still love each other and are working towards living together again. So that divorce petition will likely be withdrawn.

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