10/27/2011 01:17 pm ET Updated Dec 27, 2011

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries' Marriage Is Doomed, Unless ...

If Kim and Kris' marriage is real and not just faked for the cameras, then they need to stop treating it like a reality show, and work at it!

Kim and Kris, you've only been married for two months but already  has Kim admitted to People  magazine that "it's not been ideal" and multiple sources are telling multiple media outlets that there is trouble between the newlyweds.

It seems that since the August wedding which was filmed for a 2 day TV special on E!, the pair has barely spent time together and even that time together has mostly been in front of the cameras, shooting the next season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

Not even their honeymoon was private. The couple sold their honeymoon photos and story to US Weekly for $200,000. That means that they went on honeymoon with a camera crew and hair and makeup people - that's hardly romantic.

Most normal non-reality stars use their honeymoons to relax, have sex and talk about their future life together. It's supposed to be relaxing and lovey dovey.

But instead, you two robbed yourselves of intimacy and alone, get-to-know-you time, in exchange for big bucks.

Then it was back to work, work, work and Kim had to jet to Dubai for several days of promotional appearances and more filming. When she came back she attended two red carpet events, The Angel Ball and the 2011 Huffington Post Game Changers gala, without Kris and even a so-called private dinner with Kris at STK restaurant in NYC, on Oct 18,  was filmed for the show. revealed exclusively that at the STK dinner on Oct. 18, the couple were icy cold to each other when the cameras weren't rolling and didn't talk or touch.

If multiple media stories are to be belived you, Kim, are upset that while you're working like a dog, basketball player Kris is partying it up, since the NBA lockout means he can't work.

Kim, you want him to start working on endorsements like you do and to make money in the meantime, but Kris, is reportedly not interested. So that infuriates you Kim because you and the rest of the Kardashian clan are ceaseless workers.

Even Khloe Kardashian has said "settling into the Kardashian clan is no easy task. I think it's just a lot of transition (for him)."

Listen, Kim and Kris, you are digging your marriage into a grave. If you don't start spending REAL time together, doing normal things NOT in front of a camera, you will destroy the personal, intimate connection you had.

You have to have time together to talk and hang out, you have to live some life together NOT in front of a reality show camera. And you have to have time together without the entire Kardashian family horning in.

Kim - you must tell your mother, sisters, brother and step-dad to BUTT OUT! Kris is your husband and his needs and feelings and YOUR relationship must come first or it won't survive.

You should consider yourself lucky that you actually married a man who would AGREE to be on your various shows. Most men wouldn't be that compliant unless they were marrying you for all the wrong reasons.

On the other hand - Kris-do you really have to spend your non-working time hanging around bars and clubs with your pals? Surely, you can put yourself to better use and either accompany Kim on her travels or improve your own basketball or business skills.

Make her proud, instead of annoyed!

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