12/01/2011 09:33 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2012

Kim Kardashian: It's Your Own Fault Your Divorce Is Turning Into a War

Kim, your "team's" slash-and-burn-Kris-Humphries'-reputation tactics have backfired. Here's how you "forced" him into seeking an annulment, and why you can't give in to him now or you'll be sorry.

Kim Kardashian, when you blindsided Kris Humphries by filing for divorce on Oct. 31 and then jetting off to Australia the same day, you were asking for trouble.

You may not have anticipated just how shocked, hurt, and embarrassed Kris would be, but you have to admit now that maybe having your divorce papers leaked onto TMZ the same day that your mother Kris Jenner started to promote her new book, Kris Jenner... And All Things Kardashian, and then leaving the country, wasn't the best idea.

You may have thought that you discussed divorce with Kris, but clearly he didn't think you were going to pull the trigger just like that, nor did he expect to suddenly start reading online that he was solely responsible for the marriage breakdown.

I can remember clearly that the first stories that appeared online about the divorce, with "sources" close to you or your family, blamed Kris for becoming a "fame hog," hiring his own PR person and trying to get paid for making appearances and for representing brands, just like you.

Then the celebrity newsweeklies came out, and Kris was painted as the "Husband From Hell" on the US Weekly cover. He supposedly called you "fat" and "stupid," and there were implications that he had borderline physically abused you.

Finally, Kris would have watched the premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, in which he was portrayed as a jerk who deserved to be divorced.

You have to understand, Kim, that this has been slap after slap to Kris. And the guy is still probably in shock. He did just marry you on Aug. 20th, in front of his family's pastor Joel Johnson, and for better or worse, I bet he truly believed he had signed on to a marriage with you forever.

Even if you are a hopeless romantic, like you've said, and truly believed at the wedding that you were marrying Kris for life but that Kris immediately turned into Mr. Hyde after the honeymoon, your husband could still have expected that you would at least try and work through your problems and issues.

You have to concede that he might be stunned that you weren't even willing to try counseling, and that he is probably reeling from the public attacks on his character. You have to be able to see how he could believe that you just "used" him as a prop in a made-for-TV wedding show and TV series.

No matter how innocent you may be, Kim, and how sincerely you may believe that Kris didn't turn out to be the man of your dreams, you have to see that your actions could have goaded him into filing an annulment based on fraud.

By fraud, Kris means that you tricked him into a fake marriage with the intent of it never being a real marriage. He's likely so shocked by everything that's happened that he really believes there was fraud.

I believe, Kim, that you thought that you had an airtight prenup that protected all your assets and that barely gave Kris a dime. You thought your divorce would be quick and easy.

But a man scorned can be just as intent on revenge as any woman, and you have an ex who feels totally burnt by you, your family and team.

He doesn't want to let you divorce him so easily, and he may want money for revenge.

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