10/23/2011 02:45 pm ET Updated Dec 23, 2011

Don't Blame Lindsay Lohan For Her Obnoxious, Entitled Behavior, Blame Her Parents!

If you want to slap some sense into self-destructive Lindsay -- don't. Save your anger for her selfish, opportunistic parents who are using Lindsay to get the attention THEY crave!

When Lindsay Lohan showed up at the LA morgue 40 minutes late to perform her judge-ordered community service on Oct. 20, jaws dropped everywhere! Did she have absolutely no respect for the law? Was there no line she wouldn't cross? Was she begging to be thrown back into jail?

How can Lindsay not see how she has destroyed a once A-list film career and with every DUI, theft conviction, trip to rehab, jail term, dressing-down by a judge AND nights out of partying, she is hammering more nails into the coffin of her former career.

But much as you'd like to blame Lindsay, who at 25 should be an adult, you can't. "She has the mentality of a child," insists psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle. "She's never been taught any values or coping skills by her parents."

Instead, Lindsay's parents Dina and Michael Lohan are using her to get the rewards of media attention, and they care far more about that than the mental health of their daughter, believes Dr. Carle.

Psychotherapist, Dr. Robi Ludwig of agrees. "She's a very talented girl who has an addiction and probably an undiagnosed mood disorder, but having two fame hungry parents doesn't help."

Lindsay's extreme behavior is a statement to both her parents that "they did a lousy job raising her," says Dr. Ludwig. And the reality is that she's out in the world without any anchors."

Lindsay, going to court in a $9,000 outfit -- Fendi dress and Chanel purse -- with a smirk on her face, may not look like  a lost little girl, but sadly she is. She is so emotionally unmoored and desperate for attention, to replace the parental love she doesn't have, that she can't see how she has ruined her career.

"She just doesn't understand that her behavior affects whether or not she can get jobs," says Dr. Carle, of

She may even be having an extended temper tantrum, says Dr. Ludwig, as a way to get back at her parents. "She's angry with them and maybe she unconsciously wants to destroy her career because she's tired of supporting her family."

Now, I know that it requires a lot of patience still to have an iota of sympathy for Lindsay because she's so unbearably annoying, but think of it this way -- Lindsay truly is alone and unloved.
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