01/21/2013 01:55 pm ET Updated Mar 23, 2013

Michelle Obama's Navy Inaugural Coat Is a Fashion Miss

Michelle Obama is a true fashion trendsetter and icon but her gray Thom Browne coat is too dully colored for this Inauguration Day.

Let me be clear, I usually love everything Michelle Obama wears -- but not her Thom Browne coat this inauguration day.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the coat's style. It's sophisticated, stylish, sleek and I love the fitted form on top, with neat, narrow sleeves and a flared A-line style over the First Lady's hips.

My one criticism is the color of the checked custom-made, gray coat, which apparently is worn with a matching dress beneath it.

It's simply too dull. It will match the color of the pavement that the First Family will walk on the National Mall, and it matches the dull gray sky of the day.

First Lady Style Speaks Volumes

I really would have hoped Michelle would wear a bright color like she did at President Obama's first inauguration in 2009. I loved her chartreuse Isabel Toledo mohair coat and matching dress then. It was inspired and its' brilliant color gave a message of hope to the nation, which was in the first months of the terrifying and deep Great Recession.

Now, we could still use that fashion message of hope. A bright outfit speaks of bright hopes for the nation's next four years. And that message goes beyond simple, great style.

Michelle Obama: Following In The Footsteps of Jackie O

Michelle has always worn bright colors so beautifully -- purple, green, blue and red. So I'm not sure why she went with gray today. Nevertheless, I give her top kudos for her pretty J Crew purple gloves, which perk up her coat, and those knee-high suede, low-heeled boots by American designer Reed Krakoff are so chic, millions of women are going to want them. There's no doubt that Michelle Obama is the First Lady style torch-bearer, carrying on from former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, but her outfits can set a tone just as much as her husband's speech.

Speaking of that, maybe she should have tried yellow -- because we all want sunnier days ahead! What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do you agree or not? Let me know!