03/28/2008 02:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

News Alert: Hollywood Men Get Mensch Makeovers!

Yes, I was shocked when Star reporters uncovered the latest news about Britney Spears' crazy house. Her double-locked "fantasy room," and obsession with wearing Cinderella costumes to entertain her gentlemen callers, were jaw-dropping revelations indeed.

But I have to say that even more mind-blowing in a way is another celebrity phenomenon that suddenly has become apparent, and this one actually spells good news for ladies across the land. After all, celebrities are not only role models, they are also on the cusp of every new trend. And the fabulous phenomenon that I'm seeing is the birth of the modern Hollywood "mensch." Who said that the era of the Hollywood gentleman ended with the passing of Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart? There is evidence that menschdom is alive and well from London to La-La Land.

Exhibit #1 is Paul McCartney, the most eligible bachelor on earth. The billionaire Beatle made the biggest mistake of his life when he married thirtyish Heather Mills. His daughter Stella was right on when she flipped her lid. After all, Paul was practically 60.

However, he appears to actually have learned from this disaster decision. I am happy to know that the hotties that Paul is currently dating, New York exec Nancy Shevell and Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette, are both 48 year-old career women. The hugging and lip-locking are so cute, you want to be 48, too!

Then there's exhibit #2: Hollywood's Top Hunk of all, Brad Pitt. A lot has been said and written about Brad, but has it ever been stated for a fact--the guy has become the epitome of the modern mensch. I mean come on, he could have dumped Jen for any or many a gorgeous bimbette. But no, he ditched her for a gorgeous brain and a whole lot of baby bottles. And almost three years and four kids later, he's still standing by his Angelina. So while there have reportedly been many Brangelina fights, there hasn't been a whisper about Brad and any other woman. No, he's too busy in his spare time these days, building houses for Katrina victims or raising money for the people of Darfur.

Need more convincing? Exhibit #3: This week's Star reports that certifiable hunk Jake Gyllenhaal may have joined the Mile High Club. I know that's probably an everyday occurrence for Hollywooders except that you wouldn't figure that Miss Type A herself, Reese Witherspoon, would have been the one in the bathroom with him. Yes, Jake, 26, is hot and heavy with older, mom-of-two Reese, 31. He could be out partying with any beautiful young Hollywood babe, but no...he and Reese have been sighted drinking coffee and reading the New York Times together. He apparently even cooks for her kids.

It all just goes to glaringly point out the difference between what's been going on with the Big Name Hollywood men and women today. Paris — Jailed! Nicole Richie — DUI before her comeback pregnancy! Lindsay Lohan — rehabbed three times! Britney — rehabbed and labeled a habitual drug user!

On the other hand, even male convicted DUI-er Kiefer Sutherland is displaying menschley behaviour--he negotiated to serve his jail time when his show, 24, would be on hiatus, so he wouldn't hold up filming.

If I haven't convinced you already of this tidal wave, then here's my final exhibit. Two years ago, K-Fed was an out-of-work hip hop wannabee. Today he's been named "Good Father" of the year by Details magazine, and if it wasn't for him hauling Brit into court, little Sean Preston and Jayden James would still be strapped in their car seats while their mom was running red lights.

Hooray for the Hollywood mensch! Let's hope this trend trickles down fast!