02/21/2014 09:20 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

Olympic Women's Hockey: Don't Diss Players for Wearing Makeup

Come on, haters! How could some hockey fans take their eyes off the puck long enough to notice and mean-tweet that female hockey players shouldn't wear makeup during the Olympics?!

The U.S. and Canadian Women"s Olympic hockey teams didn't just battle each other in a nail-biting face-off Feb. 20, but they also had to fight off the dolts dissing them on Twitter for wearing makeup!

Olympics Women Hockey Team Shouldn't Be Dissed For Wearing Makeup

Come on, hockey and Olympic fans, why would you criticize these amazing female athletes for wanting to look good while they battled to a Canadian win in a sudden-death overtime?

There's just no need for the nasty tweets like this:

Then were was the dumbfounded @LA_Dover, who had this "insightful" observation:

And then there was the highly confused @RachelVanDusenx:

All of which makes me extra-proud of both the dedicated and brilliantly competitive U.S. and Canadian women's hockey teams.

If They Want To Wear Makeup, Who Cares?

Why do they wear makeup? Because they want to! Because they are young women who want to look good and feel good while they are representing their countries doing what they love to do!

Just because they're playing hockey doesn't mean they need to look like a pair of used elbow pads!

For the members of Team USA and Team Canada, playing a hockey game is like going to work, and virtually all women wear makeup to work -- hello, haters!

And why shouldn't female hockey players wear makeup under their helmets when female track and field stars not only wear makeup but sport fabulous nail manicures and braided 'dos? Get with the 21st century, makeup mockers!

I'm glad that some Olympic hockey fans took to Twitter to applaud the ice ladies for looking fab while they skated their socks off!

Of course, the only downside to wearing makeup in any Olympic sport is when you don't get that gold. Team USA, you played your hearts out for silver, but no one who watched could not sympathize when tears welled up when you didn't win. And of course the Twitter commenters noticed.

Well, Team USA, I'm glad you still had your shoulder pads on. You didn't deserve those digs. Hooray for you for wearing makeup and playing amazingly -- your runny mascara looked beautiful!

And haters, ice it!

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