12/13/2010 06:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kate Gosselin Cruelly Punished Her Kids by "Disowning" Them -- Telling Them They Were Palins, Not Gosselins!

Here's what happened.

The Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin pulled out all stops practicing with various shotguns to protect Kate Gosselin and her kids on their wilderness camping trip, filmed for the Dec. 12th episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska. Little did she anticipate that the Gosselettes' greatest danger would come from their hissy fit, hot-dog-throwing mother. Kate couldn't stand the cold, rainy, Alaskan wilderness -- "this is cruel and unusual punishment," she said in describing the adventure with Sarah and her pack of grandparents, kids and cousins.

While the eight little Gosselettes had a "blast," fishing, making s'mores over the campfire and getting nature lessons from Sarah's brother, according to Sarah's dad Chuck, Kate huddled under a tarp and complained, "I'm freezing to the bone, I'm hungry."

Grilled moose "hot dogs" were the final straw for Kate who threw hers on the ground and announced "I'm done now." The only problem was that when she asked her children if they wanted to stay -- they all replied "yes!"

Kate's shocking response: "Goodbye, you're now a Palin, not a Gosselin!"

With that, her dejected Gosselettes followed her out of the wilderness and headed back to civilization.

So what effect would this heavy-handed guilt trip from their mother have on Kate's little kids? Click here to find out!

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