10/25/2010 01:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Taylor Momsen, Flashing Your Breasts at 17, Means You Need to Be Saved From Yourself

Yes cuckoo! You're 17! Either you're a serious exhibitionist, in which case, you require very specific psychotherapy or you are pathetically desperate for attention.

If you and your band, Pretty Reckless, can't get attention for your talent and your tunes, then "selling" your body to get fans, isn't going to work either.

Since you've already exposed your breasts, worn bordello-style corsets in public and posed wearing garters and guns on the cover of Revolver magazine, there's not a lot more you can do for shock value. What will you have left to catch people's attention when you're 18?

Not only that -- you could also be charged with lewd conduct since you exposed yourself in public, says NY family law attorney, Vicki Ziegler.

Now Taylor you've said "I don't want to be a f**king role model" and "in fact, I would advise kids not to look up to me. I'm totally out of my mind." But whether you like it or not -- you are a celebrity on the hit show, Gossip Girl and young women WILL look up to you. And what's the message you're giving them -- dress like a stripper, use your sexuality to get attention and entice men, by appealing to their sexual fantasies.You fueled male sexual S&M fantasies during your provocative stage appearance by wearing a necklace that said, "Slave," around your neck and by rubbing your breasts on stage after you exposed them.

"I think it's totally inappropriate that she flashed her boobs on stage. And it will hurt her career when she goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. We might no longer be laughing with her but at her," says child and family psychologist, Dr. Jeff Gardere.He also points out that it's ridiculous that no one from her family -- hello Taylor's parents -- has told her to stop.

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