02/28/2008 11:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Who's The Most F**king In Love Couple in Hollywood? No, it's not Brad and Ange, It's...Surprise! Jimmy and Sarah!

You, like me, have probably been convinced for at least the past three years that Brangelina is The Most in love couple in all of Hollywood. The evidence was all there — the commitment to adopting little ones from third world countries, the his and hers causes, the matching motorcycles, tattooed endearments and now the upcoming twins. Angelina even flew to Brad's hometown in Missouri recently and went out to a pizzeria with a raft of his relatives for dinner — now that's devotion!

It hasn't been easy being the most "in love" couple in Hollywood. Brad and Ange have had significant competition. Tom Cruise jumped on a couch for Katie, has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for her clothing and shoe shopping bills and hasn't minded at all as she has towered over him in those four-inch heels. As for Katie, she has lived with his mother in the same house since their marriage and she became a dedicated Scientologist to make him happy.2008-02-28-demiandashton.jpg

Meanwhile, Tom's ex Nicole Kidman stood by her new husband, Keith Urban, when he entered rehab just four months following their marriage after he fell off the wagon and reportedly cheated on her. Now that's true love!

Then there's Demi and Ashton. The fact that she's 15 years older than him hasn't slowed down their public smooching. After four years together she's still playing Rudolph to his Santa.

And let's not leave out Joel Madden and Nicole Richie. His love saved her from starving and he made a new mom out of her.

Well, I say that none of this compares to the deep love bond between two people whose relationship has quietly slipped under the radar for several years — that's TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and his girlfriend, comedian Sarah Silverman. Jimmy and Sarah are the new Romeo and Juliet, Dick and Liz, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, Ricky and Lucy, and Sharon and Ozzy, of our times.

Romeo and Juliet gave each other immortality, 2008-02-28-sarahandmatt.jpg Dick gave Liz the Hope Diamond, Joe gave Marilyn fresh roses forever, Ricky gave Lucy Little Ricky, and Sharon gave Ozzy a career, but Sarah and Jimmy have gone one further. They've given each other laughs. With their warring videos — "I"m F...king Matt Damon" by Sarah, and "I"m F...king Ben Affleck" by a "revengeful" Jimmy, they've shown the world that it is possible for a celebrity couple to publicly hoot it up in Hollywood.

How many pairs — famous or not — would have the confidence in their relationship to entertain each other and the world by supposedly cheating on each other with hunky, studly Ben and his best friend Matt no less? And they aren't even married. And what besides the power of extreme love, and maybe the writer's strike since they weren't so busy, could have convinced half of Hollywood to play along in those videos?

Besides Matt and Ben, I caught Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Robin Williams, Josh Groban and Cameron Diaz among others getting in on the act.

Love and relationship expert Cooper Lawrence, author of The Cult of Perfection agrees with me that only a totally secure and in sync couple could do something so supposedly subversive. "It's a modern day love letter. They're using modern technology to show affection, and they're sharing their love and humor with us. 2008-02-28-jimmyandben.jpg They're letting us into what their relationship is like--secure, healthy, they are great friends and they have the same sense of humor." And in LaLaland, a "secure" couple is as rare as an Oscar-worthy script.

Now, Jimmy: Sarah says that she isn't the least bit jealous of your "other man." And she clearly loves you despite your now obvious lack of abs or pecs. So there's only one thing left to do. You've exchanged "hot" videos, now before Brad and Ange do it — exchange some rings! You clearly belong together...forever!

So do you agree? Are Jimmy and Sarah hopelessly in love and in sync or will their "cheating" videos wreck their romance?