02/21/2012 07:49 am ET Updated Apr 22, 2012

8 Great Party Beaches Around The World (PHOTOS)

If going on vacation is about letting your hair down, then there are few combinations more ideal for that than the words "beach" and "party." Beach parties aren't uncommon around the world, from the infamous raves of Ibiza to beaches with a samba backbeat in Rio, but not every beach party can truly be called among the best.

The party beaches featured here offer everything the partygoer could wish for - gorgeous weather, fantastic beaches on which you can relax during the day, and a plentiful selection of nightclubs and dance floors where you can get your groove on every night. You may need a vacation to recover from your vacation, but that's another matter.

Here are 8 of the world's best party beaches.


Photo Credits: Cocomangas website, David Boyle in DC, Kendwa Rocks website, idirectori, over_kind_man, Wicked Club Crawl photo gallery, david_shankbone, Nikki Beach website