01/16/2012 08:08 am ET Updated Mar 17, 2012

7 Great Film Locations To Visit (PHOTOS)

Movies and travel can both be about escaping from our everyday reality, as we step - literally or figuratively - into a foreign landscape and pretend that our daily responsibilities don't exist. Whether we walk out of a darkened theater or off an airplane back into real life, we can choose to think of those departures as temporary or we can treat them as springboards for further adventures.

While movies can instantly transport us to mythical lands to far off islands and from futuristic cities to places yet to be discovered, the journey doesn't have to end when the credits roll. There are plenty of actual locations around the globe that have served as movie locations - and, more importantly, that we can visit. Your own adventure may be less scripted than the film version, but of course in your adventure you've got the starring role.

Ready for your closeup? Here are some of the best movie locations around the world that you can visit.

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Photo credits: Thailand, The Beach by Argenberg, Salzburg, Austria by abhijeet.rane, Greece by Son of Groucho, Tokyo by Joi, Patagonia by Lisandro M. Enrique, New Zealand by alexindigo, Tunisia by Panegyrics of Granovetter