09/16/2014 03:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Are Nerds the New Sex Symbols?


When hornrims and grandma sweaters are sexy - Arno Nym investigative Part 2

Today - We live in strange times. Signs seem to change to the opposite, maybe a new world order is on it's way. It is so obvious: Hornrims are sexy, who wants to look good needs to wear grandparents jerseys, the nerds of the Big Bang Theory are the new sex symbols and at least the poles justify their positions. Is that the reason for the change? We don't have the possibilities to find out, but our investigation journalist Arno Nym tested in a self-experiment, if nerdy is the new sexy.

In the community of losers

First step was the makeover. Pants and glasses like Steve Urkel, hair like Dwight from The Office. A perfect change. Arno Nym started his mission. First station was his computer, to play World of Warcraft at first, to get close to the nerds in their natural habitat. First results came fast, he played all night long, empty cokes and pizza boxes are witness of his effort. Meanwhile his character was on level 80, he only made short breaks to watch big-breasted women on YouPorn. Transformation was done, Arno was a member in the community of losers.

Schnaps but no condoms

But no chance for flirts. Nerds among themselves are asexual individuums who avoid every interpersonal contact that could lead to physicality. Arno went to the next step and tried to hit on women in the city. Cheese crust off the sweater and down to the bus station. Some nice female students waited there too. Arno tried not to get eye contact, but no reaction. In the pedestrian area some horny bachelor party girls wanted to sell him Schnaps but no condoms. Than one woman made contact and asked him to help her over the street. It seems sociophobic losers really can hope for some change. Sports guys and Yuppies, watch out for your girlfriends!

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