10/07/2014 01:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Fabulous Halloween Costume Ideas for Gay Men

Halloween is one of the most celebrated days of the year for many gay men. Here are some fun costume ideas:

10. Treasure Troll
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Dressing up as a treasure troll is hilarious! This costume is great for a guy who wants to show off his body, but do so in a playful way.

Costume Tip: You can dye white underwear to be flesh colored with tea bags! If you are making your wig, buy a couple cans of AquaNet hairspray and plan on spending a long time with the blow dryer.

9. Richard Simmons
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This costume will have you running around and acting a fool and I mean that is the best possible way!

Costume Tip: The most traditional Richard Simmons look usually will include a rhinestoned tank top, a big curly wig, leg warmers, short shorts, and a headband.

8. Banana
photo credit: Brad Hammer

Make all the gay boys go bananas by dressing up as this Phallic Symbol.

Costume Tip: You can have your boyfriend dress up as a gorilla and chase you around town.

7. Mario & Luigi
photo credit: Steven Dehler

Mario and Luigi is such a cute costume for a couple.

Costume Tip: Start growing your moustache now!

6. Angel
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A modern take on the traditional angel costumes.

Costume Tip: The bigger the wings, the better.

5. Priscilla Queen of the Desert
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Create a look from this iconic gay movie.

Costume Tip: The flip-flop dress is sure to get all the foot fetish guys following you around.

4. Divine
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Divine is a great costume for the full figured gay man.

Costume Tip: The look from Pink Flamingos (pictured above) is probably the most iconic.

3. My Little Pony
photo credit: Aurora Sexton

I don't think I have ever seen a group of gay men dressed as my Little Pony and that is a shame!

Costume Tip: Glitter. Lots of Glitter.

2. Unicorn
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You might as well fuel the haters and be the gayest thing of all time! A unicorn!

Costume Tip: If you don't want to dress like the guy pictured above, just buy the rubber mask online!

1. Joan Rivers
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Pay homage to the icon that we lost this year. RIP Joan!

Costume Tip: Make sure your face is pulled tight!