11/20/2014 04:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

15 Questions: TS Madison


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TS Madison has become really popular over the past year. She is a YouTube sensation who recently got her own show on YouTube via World of Wonder. Madison just dropped her first album, so I thought it would be a perfect time for her to be asked "15 Questions."

1. Where does your strength and confidence come from?

I love this question; I don't get asked this a lot. I was raised in a single-family home without a father. I watched the strength of my mother. She taught me to keep my head high and instilled in me that I can do anything. Throughout life and during my transition, I faced many seemingly unbeatable obstacles, but I am sitting here today, a strong, powerful trans woman of color.

2. You have been very open about your story. What advice do you have for people who are struggling to get ahead in life?

Honestly, the only advice I have to young people is: Know that achievements are limitless. I have been so successful because the first thing I did was except myself. I go through life knowing that if I am true to me and believe in myself, I can do anything. So please, youth, believe in yourself, be true to yourself, and the sky's the limit.

3. How is your music career going? I listened to your new album, and it's great. What songs are your favorite?

My music career is still in its beginning stages, with a great amount to grow. This EP was just a touch of what TS Madison has to give, musically. I do believe with the proper amount of dedicated time and energy to TS Madison, we have the potential to take over the world. My song "Blueprint" (which is my favorite) shows how great of an artist I am by its crossover appeal and empowering message.

4. What are five movies that made you cry?

Please, don't laugh at me, but I cry every time I watch Imitation of Life, Beaches, Swept Away, The Color Purple and The Green Mile.

5. Whom do you look up to?

I would say my number-one inspiration has been RuPaul from the LGBTQ community. I would also say Queen Latifah, and of course the grand, high Whitney Elizabeth Houston, who I think was the greatest singer of all time.

6. How would you describe yourself in three words?

"Loud," "live," and "in-color."

7. I hear that you are going to be on Glee. How did that happen? What is your role?

Well, I did tape an episode of Glee, but I cannot disclose what happened on set, but it was a small role. I can say, though, that it was an important role for me, TS Madison, a key figure in the LGBTQ community. You will just have to wait, hunny, for the episode. Ha!

8. What color is your favorite, and why?

Of course my favorite color is black. Black don't crack, and black goes with everything, and black is powerful.

9. How do you like living in Atlanta? Have you considered moving to L.A.?

I love living in Atlanta because it gave me the opportunity to live a grand lifestyle at an affordable price, and at some point I am going to get a place in L.A.

10. What is the funniest or strangest thing a fan has asked you?

A fan has asked me to show up at their birthday party naked and do a Vine. I found it hilarious, but they were serious.

11. Who are you musical influences?

Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Lil' Kim.

12. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

This is a very tough question. Honestly, introducing myself to society and being hated by society and turning it around and showing them that I am more than just a joke. I do have a voice, and my opinion counts. And that as a trans person, people embrace me with love. My message, my music, my quotes, to use against any and all adversaries. And last but not least, becoming a household name.

13. Do you find any words to be offensive? If so, what words?

I'm too old to be defined by words, too strong to be defeated by foes. When they ball their fist up at me, I fight. When they attack me with words, I read them. And when they say I can't, I prove them wrong by living my life, showing them I walk through, turning it everywhere I go.

14. Are you religious?

I am not religious, but I do believe in God.

15. If you were to run for public office, what would you run for, and why?

I would run for the highest title of queen. That's the only thing that befits me, and because I love the people.