02/04/2014 04:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Restless About the Situation in Russia?

Now this is a genius idea! You can not only enjoy the opening Olympic ceremonies at your local bar, but as you drink, money will be donated to the Russia Freedom Fund. Your favorite spot will now become a Pride House. This is how it works, via Uprising of Love.

A Pride House is a place for LGBT athletes, fans, and friends to meet and enjoy international sporting events. At the previous two Olympics, there was a Pride House in the host country. This year, Russia has forbidden the establishment of a Pride House in Sochi. In response, restaurants, bars, and clubs across the country are becoming Pride Houses in solidarity with LGBT Russians and donating $1 of every drink sold between 9pm and midnight on the night of the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony to the Russia Freedom Fund.

But really, I am sure you would rather have underwear models and activists Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown (pictured) explain more, so enjoy the video!