06/06/2012 05:28 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2012

World's Smelliest Armpits and Other Bizarre Records

Records taken from "The Human Body" chapter of Weird Wonders and Bizarre Blunders: The Official Book of Ridiculous Records:

Strangest Birth Defect

Dieter Schlippenbach of Rechtenfleth, Germany was born with two lobster claws in place of hands. Scientists are unsure whether his mother's pre-natal consumption of seafood had anything to do with his appearance. Nevertheless, Schlippenbach, rather than having risky surgery, became successful as a factory pipe cutter.

Greatest Extrasensory Perception

Blossom Wise, a psychic in Ojai, California, has a 98 percent accuracy guessing people's names, astrological signs, social security numbers, least favorite vegetables and the colors of their underwear. Wise has helped local police departments solve 32 kidnapping cases. However, she does have a tendency to misplace her own car keys.

Best Eyesight

Cece Leclere of Basel, Switzerland, has what scientists call "megavision." She can see through clothing, manila envelopes, curtains and sometimes even brick walls. People often make her sick, though, because looking at their internal organs nauseates her.

Worst Smelling Armpits

The armpits of Nicolai Glatina from Cluj, Romania smell so bad that people who stand near him start to gasp, cough or faint. Glatina bathes and uses underarm deodorant daily and even splashes on handfuls of cologne under his shirt at work. But every few hours, the overpowering stench comes back. On the positive side, people always give him plenty of room on the crowded bus he rides to and from work. Also, he dates a woman who works in a fish market who doesn't think he smells bad at all.

Waxiest Ears

The ears of Lena Wroclaw of Lodz, Poland produce so much wax, they must be cleaned once a day or she is unable to hear anything. Wroclaw has a five-foot ball of wax collected from her ears which she proudly displays in her living room.