01/12/2012 10:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

My Night In Monterey: Hope For 2012

Here is a video highlighting the event 'Flows To Bay' which was held at the Museum of Monterey this December. I was a tad late to this party that began months ago. Sorry MOM, I was out splashing in the rain.

MOM was kind enough to include me in this wonderful show which involved such illustrious artists as Chris Jordan, Pam Longobardi and Raymond Pettibon, among many others. Then adding sugar to an already sweet tea, they extended the event so I was able to visit the museum, see some amazing artistic contributions to this cause, and as well meet some really beautiful and enthusiastic people who came out to see what was up! The night was filled with HOPE!

I began this project out of a sense of alarm at the state of our oceans. And though our oceans need and deserve our attention just as urgently as ever, after visiting MOM and speaking to so many inspired young people, as well as Marine Scientists working on the problem as we speak, I am rounding out this little journey with a deep sense of calm and pride in my fellow Earthlings.

The bad news is, we have grown into a 'Single Use Culture' who are fast to forget the ramifications of our daily behaviors. And as a result, we have created menaces that will quite literally "come back to get us"!

But the good news is swiftly rearing it's pearly eyes; we have the technologies and the capacity to rectify these problems. And the road towards that city is paved with the ideas and the hopes of people young and old who ARE HERE NOW!

Happy 2012!