02/28/2013 05:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Is The Urgency Network?

We are currently two guys working with a lot of incredible people to build something, in my opinion, great.

Because we're a bootstrapping, scrappy startup, we don't have cash to spend on publicity. I've been on both sides, and can say that operating with minimal resources gives you heart and forces creativity in a way that money can't buy. Besides, if you can't purchase your press, you just might be forced to create actual news.

What is The Urgency Network?

A loyalty platform for causes where you earn rewards and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

We revolve around the theory that the most important shift this planet is facing boils down to one word: consciousness.

If we want to move the zeitgeist forward, we have to see "giving back" in a more exciting and meaningful light than we did previously. We're optimistic that we're not too dumb to change the world, but instead we're just slightly... dare I say it... ignorant.

Did you know that only 6 percent of Southern California Residents claim to know what to do in an earthquake? How about the fact that 1.3 billion people still don't have access to electricity and that there are more than 70 million landmines buried around the world?

The Urgency Network leverages influencers like musicians, celebrities, athletes, and brands to help mass-educate about the world's biggest problems. We also showcase their solutions.

We're building a network that treats "charity" like a dirty word, that believes auctions won't change anything, and that a kid from Watts should have the same opportunity as one from Bel Air.

No matter how serious the state of our world may be, we believe that at the end of the day life is about having fun. If you can make education fun, if you can make spreading awareness about some of earth's biggest challenges somehow entertaining, that's powerful. A true win/win.

No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded

It's a modern-day consumerism version of instant karma.

The more impact you create, the more you earn. As your points rack up, redeem them for things like festival tickets, merchandise, memorabilia and completely ridiculous experiences.

These days, a tweet from a major artist or celebrity can change everything for a nonprofit. It's amazing to think that technology has reached a point where you can actually change the world at the same time you're sitting on the toilet.

Do you feel it speeding up? Yes, the shift is coming hard. I'll miss you, Sally Struthers.

Our generation wants a better world, but can easily feel powerless because 1) we don't know where to begin 2) have no money and 3) have really important stuff to do like watching cat videos and getting more followers on Instagram. What difference can one person really make?

We subscribe to the theory that there is strength in numbers. That if we are truly collaborative with our resources, there will be more than enough to go around.

We're proud to be launching campaigns with partners like Greenpeace, The American Red Cross, Music For Relief, Carbon War Room, Insomniac, War Child Canada/USA, The Mineseeker Foundation, Transcendental Music and The Make Yourself Foundation.

Projects with course-altering value like transitioning a small country to run on 100% renewable energy, or teaching thousands of war veterans to cope with PTSD using Transcendental Meditation.

Truth is this is more about the why than the what. Forget charity. Forget doing "good." This is about doing what's right. It's about enabling man to do what man is to do next.

Shock and awe. Showing that our limitation ends where our imagination begins.

I want to go to space, stay on a private island, meditate in India and hang out with the people who inspire me. What's your dream?

Here's to living it.

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