03/27/2015 02:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Design Rules to Follow When You Move in Together

The holidays have come and gone, and it seems like suddenly everyone we know is engaged! And that means a LOT of people will be moving in together. Mazel!

Living with your favorite person in the world is so fun, but the moving in process can be not so fun, especially if you're arguing about whether or not to keep your significant other's ugly brown couch.

But don't worry, just because your design styles don't mesh doesn't mean you're doomed! We've got a few tips to help you painlessly transition from your bachelor pad to your love shack without a breakup:

Take inventory.

Your apartment can look great with a combination of both of your things, especially in the kitchen. But trust us, you DON'T need 3 blenders, 2 different coffee tables and your collection of wine bottles from college. Individually, go through your stuff and label 'keep, sell, donate, and toss'. Having trouble pairing down? Get rid of anything you haven't used in 1 year, anything that's broken, or anything that has sentimental value from a past relationship... Time to start fresh!

Decide where you're going and how much space you need.

Are you moving into an apartment one of you already has, or do you want to start fresh in a new place together? Decide how much space you need based off of the items you've decided to keep, and go from there.

Measure everything that's left.

If it doesn't fit, get rid of it. Bye, lumpy IKEA couch! #sorrynotsorry


In any healthy relationship, you've got to compromise. Blending both of your personal styles in a gallery wall is easy, fun, and beautiful!

Figure out your personal design styles.

Before you move in and start decorating, take a style quiz (we know a pretty good one). Are your styles similar, or are they conflicting? If you're total design opposites, it might be a good time to bounce some ideas off of an interior designer. They can help you see the common ground between both of your style types.

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