12/23/2014 10:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Somewhere Over the Rainbow....Nurseries in Every Color!

When expecting a little bundle of joy, it's a whirlwind of new and exciting experiences and decisions. The good news is that we've got you covered! We've found nurseries in every color to help create the perfect nest for baby!




Why We Love It: Red is a bold color that can make any space seem thoughtful and warm. It is certainly a passionate, joyous, and sophisticated choice for a nursery!




Why We Love It: Orange is far underutilized in nursery design. Go bold by painting the walls a bright orange or use it as an accent color. We love it paired with grays and light blues! Overall it's the perfect gender neutral color and will definitely add charming style to any space for baby!




Why We Love It: Yellow is not always can also bring a lot of pow to baby's room! The options above have both that yellow sunshine saturation wow feel or the milder "sliver of lemon" soothing embrace. Even if you select another color for your nursery you will find that yellow is a great choice for an accent color and perfect for your little boy or girl!




Why We Love It: We love these variations in green for baby's room. The first is minty, fresh and modern for a nursery. The second option is yummy as a sweet pea on a summer day! Green is also a perfect gender neutral option and can play well with others like our friend yellow...




Why We Love It: Baby blue is a classic for boys but can also be lovely for little ladies too! The options above show a navy nautical room with red highlights which is a traditional and classic take on a boys room. Meanwhile, the softer baby blue can be used as the perfect backdrop for a sweet, "light as air" girls room.




Why We Love It: We love light purples that go well with soft greens or darker lilacs for a more contemporary approach.. It's a sweet color that works beautifully with contrasting furnitures in all white. Soothing to the eye, this color is a great choice for baby.




Why We Love It: Pink is a classic and doesn't look like it is going anywhere with these stunning styles. The first option is bolder in it's saturation and lends itself to a sophisticated look. The softer pink option is princess perfect with ruffles, gilded wallpaper gold finishes, cream tones and luxurious for your new arrival.




Why We Love It: Grey is a simple and soft option that can be very playful and fun. Paring grey tones with whites or natural woods is always a good choice. In the above images we see a sisal rug and comfy furniture which creates the perfect cozy space. Smaller pops of color will liven the room up without overwhelming the senses!




Why We Love It: Multi color options are also one of our favorites. It is fun to mix eclectic styles into a wonderfully rich room. Above shows us some modern furniture, unexpected art, white crib set, whimsical lighting, vintage rocking chair, tapestry rug and fun accents which make this room visually rich!

Whatever color you choose, we are sure that it will be perfect for your bundle of joy!

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