02/27/2015 12:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Best Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

Plants are a great way to add dimension and color to a space. They freshen up the room and offer health benefits as well! Many plants feature air-cleaning qualities and studies have shown they have calming effects on the body. We've put together a list of the most beautiful low-maintenance plants that you can bring into your own space!

Fiddle leaf fig tree

This is definitely Laurel & Wolf's favorite indoor plant. We have one in our office and we always suggest them to anyone looking for some greenery. It is also very low maintenance and only requires watering once it has completely dried.


Succulents have become quite popular in recent years, and it's not hard to imagine why. They actually prefer dry soil and room temperature, so keeping them alive is pretty easy. They look beautiful in both clusters or singles.


Aloe not only looks great, but has health and healing benefits too. Plants comes in all sizes, from a few inches to a few feet wide, so you'll definitely find one appropriate for your space.

Rubber Tree

Rubber trees are great if you have tall ceilings because they can grow 8+ feet tall! If you're looking for a smaller plant, you can simply trim it to shape. Rubber trees have shiny emerald leaves that reflect light beautifully.

Snake Plant

The vertical sword-shaped leaves sport a unique pattern reminiscent of Ikat textiles. Snake plants sit well in corners and look appropriate both on the floor or elevated on a table.

Asparagus fern

A light and whimsical plant, asparagus ferns work well in hanging baskets. Just be careful nobody (including pets) eat the poisonous berries that occasionally grow!

Areca Palm

This palm instantly makes any space feel more tropical. If you're looking to warm up a cold or bare-looking room, this is the plant for the job!

Here's to living green!


Laurel & Wolf