09/30/2013 03:12 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2013

Collective Unconsciousness

I can list a Big Bang Theory that will rock everyone to their cores. Ok, maybe not everyone, but The Modern Family may certainly get a kick out my ideas. You see, there is a Scandal brewing. It is not your ordinary water cooler gossip either. No, no...the X Factor here, is our own consciousness.

Certainly, people are aware of the debacles in our world today. Criminal Minds try to tear apart Syria, and we turn off our news stations because it is too depressing. Oh, but, Dexter's Grey Anatomy is the trouble that we should all rage against! After all, what are they putting on TV today?!?!

Sons of Anarchy would roll over in their graves for the mass amounts of stupid clouding our government's reading of children's books, when shutdown looms ever so near us. Blasphemy, I tell you...Law & Order are out of hand, and we are the Special Victims Unit! Still, we should shout loudly that The Person of Interest is really The Voice contestant who so openly shows his homosexuality. How dare himself?!?!? Are you appalled yet?

Well, try this on for size. The Crazy Ones are NOT the individuals who have not been afforded mental health care and are shooting mass numbers of innocent people. Those are certainly not who should make us begin to rage against the oppression of Haves and Have Nots. Especially with mounting unemployment numbers that only serve to push poor people into being poorer, as we Dance With The Stars.

No, we should continue to rage against corporations by broadcasting our disdain for television broadcasting, which only serves to further publicize their creed. We should continue to ignore the increasing gaps within our education systems because that's not as bad as the TV Guide. And above all else, we should focus our efforts on judging each other's choices because in fighting has always served society well!

We have 99 problems. TV IS NOT the biggest one! Wake up! If you are on a Soapbox, make it a meaningful fight. iTune to reality... Will you?