07/18/2014 05:11 pm ET Updated Sep 17, 2014

Overcoming Limitations: 10 Huichol Secrets for Finding Hidden Strength

Huichol elders often seem to exude an aura of inner strength and serenity, and know ancient secrets for cultivating that power. Based on Huichol wisdom, here are 10 tips you can use in business, sports, or any performance activity for finding hidden sources of inner strength.

Consistency: There is strength in consistency. Find a short workout or exercise you can do at sunrise or sunset, while watching the energizing colors appear, and then do it every day for a week without fail. Notice the subtle strength you draw from such a regular routine.

Conscious Thought: There is strength in mental discipline. For three days, be conscious of everything you tell yourself. Negative, limiting thoughts weaken the spirit. If you find a negative statement creeping in, replace it with a positive one.

Conscious Eating: The Huichol people know we gain strength both physically and spiritually from healthy food. We're also weakened by food that's bad for us. If you eat too many carbs, cut out all sweets, pasta, and bread for three to seven days. Then gradually reintroduce them, until you find a sustainable level that satisfies your hunger and need for fiber, and leaves you feeling stronger, not weaker.

Realistic Exercise: If you're like most people, you could probably use more exercise. But don't overdo it. For two weeks, increase your workout time one a day week by 50 percent. Then the third week, increase that workout by only 25 percent. When you do this, it will seem easier than the original time -- a new and better constant.

Serenity: Walk through life with a focus on being calm and balanced, in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Stay steady, no matter what happens. This is perhaps the greatest Huichol secret for inner strength. If you lose that balance, find the "nerika" or calm inner circle that extends from your heart to your soul energy. Visualize yourself in the center of that circle, avoiding all negative emotions.

Conscious Breathing: Another important Huichol secret to finding inner strength might be called conscious breathing. Don't just breathe in oxygen; breathe in power. Breathe in a feeling of strength, harmony, and balance, and the ability to stay steady and focused no matter what happens outwardly.

Love: Love is a kind of inner power that overcomes all limitations. It is the foundation for developing intuition, intelligence and physical strength. With love, you can find the confidence to achieve your goals, and for the right reasons. Without love, the Huichol say we are incomplete, and cannot achieve lasting success.

Intuition: Intuition is a natural-born ability that helps you make better decisions. It leads to a heightened awareness of your environment in a heartfelt way which many people in the modern age have lost touch with. Pay attention to your inner voice. It will give you the power and strength to do the right thing always -- and to resist behaviors, people, or situations that are harmful or negative.

Intelligence: Huichol intelligence is not based on memorizing facts, but on making intelligent choices, living the right way, and being a kind person. Living with honesty and integrity allows us to stand behind our words and actions, choosing not to abuse power, relying on the hidden power of the soul instead.

Physical Strength: Taking care of your body helps you maintain a positive outlook, which boosts your immune system. A healthy body is better able to connect with the "body" of Mother Earth, becoming an extension of the natural world and its enormous force and power.

Life without limits begins with finding that calm and stable center where you realized the strength you already have. Using these 10 tips from the Huichol shamans, you can achieve your vision for your life, even if it lies beyond your current limitations or life situation.