09/17/2009 03:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

9/11 and birther misperceptions in NJ

Back in August, I created this plot showing the parallels in partisan misperceptions about President Bush (a 9/11 conspiracy) and President Obama (not a citizen):

9-11 v birthers

Public Policy Polling just asked questions about both misperceptions in the same poll in New Jersey (PDF). While the 9/11 question, which asks whether the respondent thinks Bush had "advance knowledge" of the attacks, isn't ideal for reasons outlined in the previous post, the results are extremely similar to those presented above (though the partisan skew of the misperceptions among independents flips):


The poll also asked if people think Obama is the anti-Christ (GOP: 14% yes, 15% not sure). It's too bad they didn't also ask about whether Bush is the anti-Christ or we could have had another nice comparison...

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