04/08/2015 03:50 pm ET Updated Jun 08, 2015

How to Deal With Stress

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Stress seems to be ruining people. But most stress is made up in our own mind; thus it can be controlled and minimized.

How to better handle stress and become more peaceful, thoughtful and joyous:

1. Decide Not To Be Stress Case:
Are you allowing too much stress into your life? Keyword: Allowing. Most stress is not real and therefore you can make the intentional decision to not be as stressed anymore. In fact, most stress comes from one of two things: A false time crunch...or...making things more important than they really are.

First, you can alleviate time stress by asking others, "When is the real deadline on this?" Most people say they want something from you when they want it, not when they need it. Stress melts away when you stop freaking out to achieve false deadlines.

Second, stop creating false dramas. Things aren't as big a deal as you likely make them. Be willing to give yourself perspective. Ask, "How would my highest self view this? How would my best self deal with this?" It probably wouldn't run around like a 9 year old child all stressed out! Remember: Whatever comes up, you got it. You can handle it.

2. Breathe: Most mental tension comes from physical tension. Relax by taking in deeper breaths. Let your stomach out and allow it to fill up like a balloon with air. This will help you calm down. This isn't a perspective -- it's science. The deeper breathing you do, the more calm you can get yourself. Breathing is life; give yourself the gift of breathing it in.

3. Take A Walk: Leave your office or house and go for a 20 to 40 minute stroll or brisk walk outside. When you are moving and breathing, this helps you open your mind and find more calm.

4. Get Organized: Most stress in our lives could be managed if we just organized it better. Sometimes, just knowing that you are planning on handling something tomorrow at a specific time creates peace of mind now. Ask yourself, "How can I release the craziness going on now and plan to handle this?" Chunk out the hours of the day where you will move toward accomplishing those things that might be troubling you. When you get organized, you can better handle stress.

One of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime is to better handle stress. Starting right now, decide not to be as stressed as you were last year or the year before. In doing so, you become happier, calmer and more present in your life and you get to experience what we call The Charged Life!

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