01/27/2014 04:58 pm ET Updated Mar 29, 2014

The Reality of the 'Realist'

People who label themselves as "realists" are usually accurate -- they see to the real edge of what they know, understand or believe. At best, these folks tend to be caring worriers. Out of love for us they kindly suggest we keep our dreams and risks tolerable and knowable, and politely urge us to be safe and prudent so we do not get hurt. At worst, such persons are murderers of the human spirit. They destroy the dreams of those who wish to explore beyond the current boundaries of belief and possibility -- their ignorant certainty about what is "real" sucking the life out of one's desire to strive toward the so-called "impossible."

To the realists we have nothing to give but patience or pity, understanding they are simply uninformed at the moment about this limitless universe, about humanity's stunning strength and resilience, or they are blind and jealous and terrified that we may advance beyond their small lot -- that they may be left alone and looking silly for their certain and false estimations of us and of the world. Of course, we can listen to those wiser than we, and be intelligent in our anticipation of danger. We should not seek to tune out the realists' whines or taunts as they may provide good instruction. But let us not allow a realist to make us fearful or apathetic. Let us not alter our course simply because it leads into a dark thicket of work.

If something must ring in our ears, let it not be the realist's fears, but rather the chorus of courage that rises from a hopeful heart and an ambitious mind. Let us be so bold as to smile at the questions of Spirit: "Can you have faith and transcend from what you perceive a real? Can you climb upward to a plateau of greatness that you cannot yet see? Are you ready to trust, to work, to rise, to soar, to be free?"