07/12/2016 12:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

8 Beer Cures For The Summertime Blues

Few pleasures in life are as gratifying as reaching into a cooler on a steamy summer day and cracking a fermented beauty. Whether you are hovering over a grill, just reaching the summit of a hike or lounging on the beach -- when that first sip hits you, you've found the cure for the summertime heat. Here are 8 selections sure to make these dog days a little cooler...


Newburgh Brewing Checkpoint Charlie - This tart, refreshing Berliner Weisse is the very essence of Summer. A low ABV quenching can of happiness! It's like lemonade for big kids. Historically fruit syrups were added to round out the beer's mouth puckering tartness. But it's just too good on it's own.


Captain Lawrence Hudson Valley Apricot Sour - A special bottle to pop when the sun is sinking low. High acidity with just a kiss of ripe apricot. Ideal for grilled meats or even your salad course. This will have the wine lovers think twice about what an ideal food pairing is all about. Very much steeped in the Belgian tradition of barrel aged wild ales, this New York representation is an instant classic.


Green Bench Les Grisettes - The often forgotten cousin of Saison, Grisettes were traditionally served to the coal miners of Belgium to satiate their thirst. This high carbonation, rustic bottle is perfect for following a game of volleyball to replenish those liquids. Florida's Green Bench is at the forefront of reviving this almost forgotten style and for that, we thank them.


Rothaus Pils - In the beer business we have a certain passion for the cutting edge while embracing the traditional. If you're sappy for those old world styles, do yourself a favor and seek out a 6 pack of Rothaus Tannenzapfle Pils. From Germany's Black Forest region- this crystal clear, delicate pilsner will change your outlook on what a lager should be. Rigid Dads and Uncles will appreciate it alongside those posting pictures of it on Instagram.


Maui Brewing Coconut Porter - Maybe a dark porter with great depth of flavor isn't your first choice in the summer months, but the folks at Maui brewing might change that for you. A well-integrated dose of coconut enhances the beers nutty and cocoa notes. A pleasing medium body make this beer quite drinkable and a campfire classic.


Jack's Abby Leisure Time Lager - From the talented lager producers in Massachusetts comes this flavorful wheat lager brewed with lemongrass, coriander, orange peel, and chamomile. A bouquet of aromatics playing well with the generous hops. This is not your Dad's lager, but it will be after he tries it. Elevate that next beach day!


Lost Nation Gose- Paying tribute to the more subtle Goses of Germany- Vermont's Lost Nation Brewing showcases a subtle acidity and very mild brininess to this old world wheat, as opposed to a lot of the lopsided American takes on the style. Lost Nation's knack for balanced and approachable beers put this high on the list for the only beer in the cooler on a hot summer day.


Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion Revolution No. 002- For those that just can't live without hops, you probably already know that Firestone Walker continues to perfect lupulin laden libations. The new rotating hop series is no exception. A pale clean base is the showcase for an ever evolving blend of new world, old world and experimental hops. Big hop flavor and a moderate abv make this a perfect hiking partner or kayak buddy.