02/15/2013 10:18 am ET Updated Apr 17, 2013

'American Idol' Recap: Top 40 Revealed For Season 12

It's the final night of Hollywood Week at "American Idol," which means tonight is the night the Top 40 are selected! The competition has gotten more and more fierce and this is their last chance to prove themselves. Before the Top 40 can be chosen, the remaining girls still have to perform their solos.

Angela Millers starts off the night with an original number and sets the bar impossibly high. With her powerful vocals, piano skills, and obvious talent as a songwriter, the judges are completely blown away.

But if anyone can live up to Angela's performance, it's Candice Glover, whose unique take on "This Girl is on Fire" is incredible and wows all the judges.

Janelle Arthur, an early favorite, continues to prove her place in the competition and Nicki calls her a "country superstar."

Zoanette makes the bold, if slightly insane decision, to perform a song that she had made up the previous night. While she's on stage (and also accompanying herself on the drums. Does she actually play the drums? Who knows), she gets up and yells at the musicians who she feels are not playing her fake song correctly. Typically, the judges absolutely love it. Nicki declares that she is bowing down at Zoanette's feet (without actually bowing down).

Angela, Candice, Janelle, and Zonette are all sent through.

Shubha Vedula touches Mariah by selecting her song "When You Believe." She does Mariah proud, telling her "that was a nice moment for me personally."

Juliana Chayahed impresses the judges with her rendition of "Landslide," with Nicki telling her that she didn't want it to end.

Shubha and Juliana's performances earn them a spot on the other side with Angela and Zoanette.

Kez Ban takes the stage with one of her favorite original songs, which she describes as "watching my child take it's first steps." There's no denying it's uniqueness, but the judges don't think she quite fits into the competition. Nicki is surprisingly diplomatic, telling her that they all respect her artistry, but unfortunately, it's the end of the road for her. Kez Ban is sad to leave "Idol" and even suggests that she become a runner for Ryan Seacrest. Maybe one day, Kez.

Ashlee Feliciano, who isn't feeling well, is anxious for her performance, but manages to power through. The judges aren't totally sold and Randy is sick of all the contestants choosing boring, serious songs. (Cue montage of emotional and serious performances).

Melinda Ademi is just the breath of fresh air that Randy is looking for, singing the upbeat "Price Tag" by Jessie J. Keith tells her that she has "such a good light" and Melinda leaves the stage ecstatic.

Desperate to prove that she has true star potential, Kree Harrison selects the powerful "Stars" by Grace Potter. The song was an appropriate choice for Kree; all the judges loved her voice and Nicki told her, "Today, you became a star."

Melinda and Kree both continue on in "Idol," but Ashlee and early favorite Briana Oakley are sent home.

Once the solo auditions have ended, the girls are almost in the clear, but the judges still have some tough decisions to make. With 24 contestants and only 20 spots, four more girls need to be cut. The judges immediately send home Holly Marie Miller, Ariel Sprague, and Lauren Mink; but are undecided between Stephanie Schimmel and Rachel Hale. The judges ask both girls to sing for the last spot, which ultimately goes to the bubbly Rachel.

Rachel joins the 19 other girls on stage and Season 12's Top 20 girls is selected!

Now, all that's left is the boys. Twenty-eight men are still in the running, and the judges cannot make up their minds. Adam Sanders and Josh Holiday are both asked to perform one last song. Adam does not exactly impress with his Celine Dion number, but Josh Holiday performs a crowd-pleasing rendition of "Georgia on my Mind" (and also rips his pants along the way). Adam, along with Peter Garrett, Marvin Calderon, Devyn Jones, Kenny Harrison, Will White, Tony Foster and David Leathers are sent packing. And with that last elimination, we have our Top 20 boys.

The Top 40 take their places on stage and get ready for the next step: Las Vegas!

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