10/11/2007 12:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Al Gore For President

Never before in my memory have the man,
the moment and magic come together so
perfectly and profoundly as Al Gore for President in 2008.

This is written after the recipient of the Nobel
Peace Prize has been chosen before it has
been announced, and while my hope is that
Al Gore receives it, my hope for America is
that he ultimately runs, whether he is awarded
the prize or not.

Al Gore has extraordinary experience at the
presidential level, a long history of being right
on the leading issues from the environment
and saving the world, to opposing the war in
Iraq, to standing up for the Bill of Rights.

As recently as this morning, I talked to a great
patriot very active in the Draft Gore movement
and am excited that in states across the nation,
there are moves to put his name on the ballot
where possible, and to begin write in efforts
where necessary.

Maybe he will ultimately run, very possibly he
wont, but good and patriotic men and women
across the country to make the right man our
leader, at a critical time and I am proud to join

For those interested, please check out the
piece I wrote for The Hill this morning that
makes the case in greater detail.