06/04/2012 10:39 am ET Updated Aug 04, 2012

Bill Clinton Battles for Wisconsin Democracy, and Hillary Would Too

Tom Barrett, in his great battle to restore civility to politics in Wisconsin, is like the Green Bay Packers, down four points with three minutes to go in the game, within reach of the goal line. And Bill Clinton, dare I say it, is like the Gipper, trying to win one for the kind of civilized reform that has historically lifted Wisconsin to a special place in the annals of honest politics. And Hillary Clinton, I have no doubt, would be barnstorming the state today alongside Bill if she were not Secretary of State.

God bless Bill Clinton. Every time he annoys me. as he did in his recent comments about Bain Capital, he redeems himself times ten as he is doing championing workers and women and teachers and jobs and progress in Wisconsin right now....

Oh, I wish Hillary could be there by his side today in Wisconsin, a subject I will return to soon. But I have no question today that if she could be, she would be, more passionate and powerful than ever for a woman whose greatness in American politics is far from done.

Right now Tom Barrett appears to be slightly behind but gaining strength. The choice for voters in Wisconsin is clear:

Do you want the triumph of the most reactionary right-wing billionaires in America who champion Scott Walker and pour money to support him, who would fire more teachers, lay off more librarians, reverse Roe v. Wade, throw more people out of work, pollute the planet and the state for profit, attack the rights of workers, attack health care for women, attack voting rights for voters, ban contraceptives, attack poor people while quoting Jesus, and taking bread from the hungry?

Or do you want Tom Barrett to stand up for Wisconsin in the Wisconsin tradition of some of the greatest leaders who have ever served any state, who believe politics should be honorable and civil and fair and decent for all of the people, all of the time?

The most corrupted special interests of the nation are pouring money into Wisconsin to support Scott Walker, but if the people who care about the country care enough to vote, the good people can still triumph over the dirty money in Wisconsin.

For those who care about the future of Wisconsin and the future of America, help Tom Barrett get across the goal line like the Green Bay Packers in one of their storied comebacks, and:

Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote as though the your future depends on it, because it does.