04/26/2012 09:05 am ET Updated Jun 26, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Will Lead

Elizabeth Warren is different. She is the Ted Williams of the battle on behalf of the men and women who are correctly called the 99 percent, from the heartland to the homeless, who want nothing more than a good job, a fair deal and a nation that fully lives up to its promise to all.

Warren is what Margaret Thatcher called a "conviction politician." Thatcher's convictions were steadfast principles of conservatism. Elizabeth Warren's convictions are fearless support for economic equity and betterment that brings jobs for the jobless, fair wages for workers, homes for families, loyalty to vets, learning for kids and a decent society that honors the values of the Sermon on the Mount and the great religions to love and help the poor.

Through the whip hand of the 1 percent even churches are being foreclosed, bank fees are climbing again and insurance premiums are rising, which is why:

The ground in this tired town will shake if Massachusetts voters send Warren to the Senate to stand for, speak for, work for tirelessly and fight for fearlessly the workers and consumers who are the heart and soul of America.

Teachers, police, firefighters, nurses, librarians, women, Hispanics, vets and all whose jobs and rights are under attack would find a fearless friend and fighter in a Sen. Warren. Those hurt by fraudulent mortgages, Mafia-like bank rates, exported jobs, unfair wages, gouging premiums and ugly consumer rip-offs will find a faithful friend and fearless fighter in a Sen. Warren.

Warren should not be elected because she is a Democrat, but because she is what Democrats should be and many Republicans used to be. I have no doubt that John, Robert and Edward Kennedy would be supporting her and barnstorming alongside her with enthusiasm and passion, and:

I believe the Roosevelts would be standing beside Elizabeth, not only Franklin and Eleanor, who would applaud her battles for workers, consumers and the downtrodden, but also Teddy Roosevelt, who believed with the ferocity of his integrity that the great battles he fought must invoke not only his name but his deeds as a call to arms for the battles Warren has fought throughout her career.

In a Washington full of revolving-door sellouts who effortlessly glide between special-interest sinecures and government jobs earning personal fortunes on the payroll of the 1 percent, Warren will never sell her public conscience for private wealth. She is totally unbought and permanently unbossed.

Like Ted Williams at bat, her eye is clear, her mind focused and her swing perfect for the values she believes in and the men and women whose economic betterment she fights for with the ferocity of integrity that made Teddy Roosevelt unique in his times, as Warren is unique in ours.

Scott Brown is a decent man whose reelection could bring to power in the Senate the party that attacks programs to create jobs, advance pay equity, defend homeowners and protect consumers. Brown will do his duty for his party. Every time he does, the inequity and pain will rise.

Brown maneuvers. Warren leads.

The year 1941 was the greatest in baseball history, when Joe DiMaggio had his record hitting streak and Ted Williams hit .400. Williams opened the last day of the season hitting .39955. His manager suggested he sit out the doubleheader. His average would have been rounded up to the magic .400, but Ted said no way. Never. He would earn his .400 with no hiding on the bench. Williams went 6 for 8 that day and closed the year hitting .406.

Williams had integrity. So does Elizabeth Warren, which is why oceans of dirty money are working to destroy her and why I call her the Ted Williams of the battle for fairness, jobs and justice for the 99 percent in the war of the worlds of Election 2012.

This column was originally published at The Hill.