10/24/2012 02:07 pm ET Updated Dec 24, 2012

Morgan Freeman and Bruce Springsteen Stand up for Obama and America

In the closing days of a high-stakes election that will be determined by turnout, great stars such as Morgan Freeman and Bruce Springsteen stand tall fighting for the future of America.

In my last column in The Hill, "Morning in Ohio," I discussed the incredible economic progress made in Ohio since President Obama took office and saved the auto industry, and I also applauded the great leadership of Morgan Freeman and Bruce Springsteen fighting for the things we believe in.

Here on Huffington Post I propose a call to action for all performers and athletes of stage, screen, song and sports.

Morgan Freeman is a great man who puts his money where his mouth is, and his talent where his heart is. He has made a million dollar donation to the cause, and is narrating an inspirational Obama ad that tells the story about why Obama should be reelected to a second term. Bruce Springsteen, as always, is barnstorming and singing for the cause, and as always, speaks with passion and integrity for working men and working women. Springsteen has stood stage with the incomparable Bill Clinton in Ohio, and is now doing a mini-tour to reelect the president.

There is now a role to pay for every star of stage, screen, song and sports to come to the aid of our country, and our candidates.

This is a turnout election, and great artists have enormous appeal, especially to young people, to help get out the vote.

Any star can put up a video on Facebook or their home page or YouTube that personally urges young people to vote. They can have their people send these voice-overs and videos to media that reaches young voters, to college radio and television stations. They can give live interviews throughout the media that reaches young voters. They can do live spontaneous appearances for a few hours to reach whatever voters they have appeal with, young voters, hispanic voters, women voters, gay voters, and black voters.

Of course, all of the great stars can afford to make very significant last-minute donations as Morgan Freeman has already done. Equally important, they can lend their time, their talent, their reputation and their popularity through video and personal and campaign events and appearances, live and on tape.

Folks, this election could bring America another Bush v. Gore 2000 recount. That is how close this campaign is. Everyone should do their part. Everyone should go the distance. Any single performer could do that one appearance that inspires that one extra vote that wins Ohio or Florida and changes the course of history.

We now have yet another Republican Senate candidate talking about rape, saying that when a woman is raped her pregnancy could be the will of God and her right to choice should be destroyed. Is this what America needs in a Republican Party that could give the Supreme Court to the right for generations if President Obama is not reelected?

Standing ovation for Morgan Freeman and Bruce Springsteen and all the others who go the distance for what we believe, and all stars of stage, screen, song and sports who could do more, now is the time to go the distance and do everything you can for our country.