03/01/2007 03:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Name Max Cleland Secretary Of Veterans Affairs

It should be the mission of a lifetime and
Democrats and Republicans should call on
President Bush to do it:

Make Max Cleland Secretary of Veterans Affairs and it will send a
powerful message
of support to our troops and vets.

If Max Cleland is named, within hours the
treatment of every wounded soldier will
improve because every official will know
that the new sheriff is in town.

Max Cleland is the most qualified person
in America for the job. Never again will
wounded troops be punished by early
morning inspections that are represensible
and sick. Never again will wounded troops
be threatened with retribution if they take
their case to Congress or the press.

With Max Cleland, post traumatic stress
disorder and serious brain injury will get
the attention they need. Dictatorship of
bureaucracy will not force wounded troops
to wait an eternity for disability terms to be
approved, and then rip off many troops when
they are.

Max Cleland will lead a battle royal to end
the chronic underfunding of local veterans

With Max Cleland there will be fighter for
our troops and vets who understands the
short, medium and long term costs of the
wounds of war and will fight for the programs
and budget. This year. Next year. And
for ten years.

This issue goes far beyond Walter Reed. It
is one of the most reprehensible scandals
in American history. Max Cleland will end
this scandal and begin a new day of hope
for America's troops, America's vets, and
those who support them in deed, not only
in words.

If President will not do it, Democratic leaders
in Congress should offer Max Cleland a special
post with budget and staff.

This is a battle we must escalate and a battle
we must win.