02/25/2007 05:51 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Thank You Al Gore

Al Gore is the most qualified person in America to bring peace between the Hollywood moguls attending the fundraisers of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Al Gore is the most qualified person in America to bring peace to the Middle East.

Imagine a world where an American President
is again the leader of the free world. Where
our commander in chief has the experience
to wage war, but the judgment to know that
the best wars, are the wars wise leaders can

Imagine a world where our leaders unite our
people behind social justice, shared patriotism
and a common trust of protecting the planet.

My nominee for lifetime achievement award
is the man known by his friends as AG, and
known by the world as the passionate and
powerful friend of the earth, and opponent
of those who would pollute and corrupt her.

Thank you, Al Gore, for your work against the
nuclear arms race during the Cold War. Some
do talking points, others discuss nuclear throw
weight with world leaders. Thank you Al Gore
for helping to make the world safe from nuclear

Thank you, Al Gore, for the vision to see how
new technology could be put in the service of
humanity. There has never been a political
leader in the history of America who was even
close to you, as you envisioned the potential
for good of the internet. Thank you, Al Gore.

Thank you, Al Gore, for having the experience,
courage and integrity to be one of the few
national leaders to oppose the Iraq War when
almost all others were bending to the winds of
war in 2002.

Thank you, Al Gore, for having the clarity to give a resounding defense
of the Bill of Rights at Constitution Hall, when others were too timid
to speak so clearly.

Thank you, Al Gore, for the courage to speak
against all forms of torture, while the timid were
taking polls and consulting focus groups.

Thank you for a lifetime of fighting for social
justice and economic fairness. Thank you
for a lifetime of translating the Sermon On
the Mount into public action to help the hungry,
the homeless and the poor.

And thank you, Al Gore, for your passion, your
commitment, your energy, your intellect, your
research, your diligence, and your idealism in
fighting to protect our planet long before your
Inconvenient Truth receives its latest honors.

Thank you for your July 7 concert that will rally
environmentalists, entertainers and the world
to the cause, and surely win the Grammy for
the CD that will ultimately raise money as well
as awareness.

My hope: that America will choose as its next
leader the man who deserves the Academy
Award, the Grammy and the Nobel Prize for

In any event, today we tip our hat, and offer
our salute, to the leader among leaders of
all American public figures. Al Gore, you
have lifted the standards of our civic life, and proven how great
leaders can move the world.

For a lifetime of achievement and great deeds
yet to come, lets say:

Thank you, Al Gore.