03/02/2007 08:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wounded Troops: Bush's Second Katrina

Walter Reed. Delayed disability benefits and
ripoff disability certifications where wounded
troops who are 80% disabled are only given
30% disability. Underfunded local veterans
care. Undersupported treatment of post
traumautic stress syndrome and serious
brain injury.

Debt collectors threatening foreclosure or repossession of property of
wives and husbands of underpaid troops. National
Guard and Reserve units 88% unprepared.
Chronic shortages of protective equipment.


This is Bush's second Katrina.

Democrats should demand and Bush should
agree to naming a high level Democrat as
Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Someone of
high reputation. Max Cleland, Bob Kerrey, Wes
Clark if he doesn't run for President. Deal
with all problems in a bipartisan manner and
give a new Secretary cabinet rank in the
National Security Council on war issues
as well as troop and veterans issues.

End the escalation. Begin a new era in the
treatment of wounded heroes. Now.