10/26/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hey McCain, the Rest of Us Are Still Showing Up For Work

I find it insulting that a presidential candidate who believes in taxing the working class over the wealthy is so incapable of multitasking that he can't show up for a two-hour debate and still do the job he was elected to do.

None of us get a "pass" on our regular responsibilities because the economy has taken a massive dump on us all. In fact, many of us are taking on second jobs in order to pay the bills. John McCain has some nerve, telling the working families of our nation that he has to "suspend" his campaign in order to fulfill his Senate duties. He has even greater nerve asking Barack Obama to follow suit.

Perhaps John McCain can afford to take a "time out" from campaigning because his family gets richer every time a working American cracks open a Bud Lite. From the way Target Wine Cubes are flying off the shelves these days, I know I'm not the only working American upping her alcohol intake on the cheap. Maybe John McCain can show he understands what we're going through by buying us all a round at the local dive bar. Or maybe he can start paying taxes like the rest of us. Surely he could at the very least open up one of his dozen homes to families whose own homes were foreclosed upon.

Senator McCain, if you're so burdened with economic strife that you can't show up to a long-scheduled debate to show America why they should vote for you, then how can you run a War on Terror on multiple fronts? How can you secure trade agreements while pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys and hosting state dinners at the White House? How can you fix Wall Street and Main Street? With the exception of George W. Bush, presidents don't get to say, "this is too dang hard!" and fly home to the ranch for a few hundred days each year.

John McCain views the presidency as the storybook ending to his biography, and nothing more. A McCain presidency would be about McCain; an Obama presidency is about America. Obama turned down McCain's repetitive invitations to do 20-plus town hall meetings, and because of that, McCain changed the "tenor" of the entire campaign. McCain made an agreement to show up at this debate, and he can't even honor that.

Senator Obama knows that the world is watching to see which of these two candidates is better qualified to steer our ship through the rough waters of our economic crisis. McCain doesn't even want to take part in the conversation. I hope McCain supporters are watching closely. McCain isn't just unprepared to deal with the 3 a.m. phone call; he won't even pick up the phone.