01/05/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Woman in Labor Received Ticket, Forced to "Prove" She's Pregnant

This is more than slightly ridiculous.

As the Boston Globe reports today, a pregnant woman in labor and her husband, en route to the hospital in a traffic jam, pulled over in the "breakdown lane" to ask a state trooper for permission to remain in that lane until the next exit.

Instead, Jennifer and John Davis got a $100 ticket, and the mommy-to-be had to expose her pregnant belly as proof.

"'He said, 'What's under your jacket?' I said, 'My belly,' Davis said. 'He waited and gestured with his head like, 'OK, let's see it.' He waited for me to unzip my jacket. I mean, it was so clear that I was pregnant.'"

Now, I understand you've got a duty to uphold the law. But the couple actually pulled over in the breakdown lane to ask permission to use said lane, which, unless I'm missing something, is reserved for emergencies. And furthermore, he expects her to prove that she's pregnant? How humiliating!

The Davises are appealing their ticket. As for the trooper:

David Procopio, State Police spokesman, said the trooper was not expected to be disciplined because he was making a judgment call in enforcing the law that prohibits driving in the breakdown lanes on Route 2; breakdown lanes are open to traffic only on some highways during rush hour.

Just a suggestion to the pregnant women of Massachusetts... if Route 2 is between you and your hospital of choice, find an alternate route.