08/06/2014 12:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Keep Your Children Safe from Injury? Focus on What You Can Control

KidStock via Getty Images

As a soon-to-be father, most of the concerns that I've had over the well-being of my growing child have been focused on developmental milestones. Is there a heartbeat? Is he (that's right, it's a boy) developing properly? How big is he in relation to random and obscure tropical fruits and vegetables?

However, as my wife's due date approaches -- and the reality of having a real, breathing child in my care sets inn -- my worries shifted. I began to "think outside the womb." I started obsessing over product labels, factory recalls and government data.

Thanks to the Internet and Google, I spent countless hours pouring over the wealth of information available. The internet rabbit hole I fell down led me to a not-so-shocking conclusion. The world is a dangerous place for children. Viruses, chemicals, strangers and even baby products can all pose a threat to little Baby Beltz. You can literally drive yourself crazy worrying about all of the factors that are out of your control.

At the same time, I realized that it's the things that I can control that matter. Nearly 25 children are killed due to accidental injury every day, that's over 9,000 per year. Another 8,000 kids are treated at hospitals for fall injuries daily.

As awful as these statistics are, however, the simple truth is that many of these injuries and deaths can be avoided. In fact, with the proper precautions, most of the leading causes of child injury can be prevented.

So, take a moment -- if you will -- and look over these statistics and prevention tips. As parents , we play a vital role in keeping our children safe from harm and it is our duty to take whatever steps are necessary to do so. A little awareness can go a long way to help parents make their homes, cars, and lives safer for children.

Infographic courtesy of Kitay Law, a San Diego law firm.