03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Conflict Resolution

I am not sure that I am very good at it - but conflict resolution is something that from time to time has to be dealt with. I think that the secret must be to somehow persuade the most die hard and determined to recognize that "accommodation" is not a weakness but a strength. This seems to be the best style of resolution to aim for in an opera company! We all have to work together and it is no bad thing if some healthy disagreement is resolved with some improved self knowledge. This can be a positive outcome. I have never read up on any of the theories that are commonly employed in the work place. I fly by the seat of my pants I am afraid, relying on "common sense", which some of my nearest and dearest regard as somewhat pollyannaish of me, rather than playing games or using force.

Anyway we have had some issues today. I remind you that this blog is subtitled "Life as General Director of Chicago Opera Theater." So here you have it - I have to deal with all sorts of situations. And it is not just during the opera season! Give me sopranos any day!

Bernard Haitink is in town with the CSO. Try to get to it this week!

Tomorrow morning we have the first session of Chicago auditions for next season and other general purposes. I will be on parade at 9am.

As I walk to the office every morning from the bus stop I rarely look up. It was a bright one today and the light on the wall of the building opposite was particularly luscious so the "art work" popped more than usual. I thought you might enjoy it too.