09/29/2016 05:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Healthful Snacking and Billy Bosch's "ICONIC" Success

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Many Americans want to know where their food comes from, how it is grown and whether or not it is modified. They no longer accept labels at face value, claiming a snack to be healthy and good for them. These consumers demand quality ingredients, as well as products that taste good. Entrepreneur Billy Bosch understood this desire, which led him to create ICONIC Protein.

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Identifying a Need

Like many entrepreneurs, Billy didn't plan to develop a protein drink; he just wanted something better than what existed in the marketplace he was involved with. As an active man with a busy lifestyle, he relied on healthy snacks to provide energy throughout the day. Billy quickly grew tired of the lackluster selection of pseudo-health protein drinks filled with artificial ingredients, unnecessary chemicals, and absurdly high sugar content. Finding no product that met his exacting requirements, he realized there was a void in the drink market for a person who wanted a quick and healthy nutritional recharge. From this, ICONIC Protein was born.

Creating a Better Snack

Sharing the desires of many of today's health food consumers, Billy wanted the ingredients in his food to be as clean as possible, a major reason as to why the primary snack ingredient is sourced from grass-fed cattle in New Zealand. The farmers who supply protein for ICONIC Protein raise their cattle without any hormones and allow them to graze freely in open pastures. These are recognized as being the most humane conditions for raising cattle resulting in high-quality protein being produced for the marketplace.

Billy worked closely with his team of nutritionists over time to create his innovative, natural, grass-fed protein drink. All the hard work and attention to detail in making something natural, healthy and tasty, contributed to making ICONIC Protein what it is today.  These healthy snacks are GMO and gluten free and made from premium natural ingredients. The result is a great-tasting, healthy drink that contributes significantly to a balanced and healthy diet.

Meeting the Demand

When Billy started his company five years ago, protein drinks had a "bulk-up" stigma due to heavy use in the bodybuilding world. However, as demand grew for healthy snacks, meal replacements, and post-workout nutrition that tasted good as well as being healthy, the market for protein drinks expanded. These new consumers often wanted something different than the current options available, with many selecting protein drink brands from companies that made a commitment to naturally sourced ingredients. In effect, they were voting with their wallets and ICONIC Protein became a premiere choice. Now available online and at over 2,000 locations across the country, Billy's snack, has grown from meeting his personal needs to being the protein drink of choice for thousands of people.

Addressing Consumer Expectations

As consumers become more sophisticated, their expectations rise and loyalties often shift. Billy believes that the this is happening currently, with consumers losing trust in big food brands who are prioritizing profits over quality ingredients. He believes that as more consumers read the ingredient labels of the food and beverage products they purchase; they will be willing to spend a bit more to buy from brands they know they can trust. That allows businesses like ICONIC Protein to capture more of the market, as they stay true to their vision and run their businesses with honesty and transparency.

Big box retailers have taken notice of this trend and are broadening their product offerings to include natural brands for their customers who are becoming increasingly health-conscious. They are offering increased selections of these healthier options and are also rapidly broadening their food options for people with dietary restrictions such as those looking for products free of gluten or lactose. The times indeed appear to be changing with a growing market for healthy and nutritious foods growing rapidly. It is interesting to see many larger companies now playing catch up to the smaller businesses.

Looking Ahead

Many people believe a healthy diet is founded on a series of mini meals leading to them wanting quality plus convenience. ICONIC protein believes that, while people will still enjoy sitting down to a full meal, they will also want to graze on healthy snacks throughout the day. That will help to curb their appetite and manage portion control for those meals. Snacking will no longer be treated as a guilty pleasure but a necessary part of a healthy diet in this scenario.

Bottom Line:

ICONIC Protein began with a search by Billy Bosch to meet his need for quality, healthy snacks. Now the product is available in over 2,000 stores, on ICONIC Protein's website and also on The company's growth is based on its ability to provide the best tasting, healthy, grass-fed protein drink made from premium clean label ingredients - a commitment which it stands by.