04/14/2014 03:22 am ET Updated Jun 14, 2014

Kansas Murder Suspect Is Hate Leader Who Cut Deal With Feds

An Anti-Semite To The Core, But Tainted By Plea Deal
Frazier Glenn Cross, 73, the alleged triple murderer who defiantly yelled "Heil Hitler" from the back of a rain spattered patrol car in Overland Park, KS on Sunday afternoon is a notorious, though exiled, hate group leader with a criminal record that dates back decades. He allegedly shot two people dead at a parking lot outside of a Jewish Community Center there Sunday, on the day before the Jewish holiday of Passover, and one week before Hitler's birthday. The Associated Press has identified the two Christian victims killed there as Dr. William Lewis Capron, and his 14-year-old grandson, Reat Griffin, a freshman at a local high school. Another female was killed shortly thereafter at Village Shalom, a Jewish retirement home nearby. President Obama labeled the events "heartbreaking" and committed federal resources to the investigation.

Cross, also known, as Frazier Glenn Miller led a North Carolina Klan Group before founding the White Patriot Party. A former Virginian and North Carolinian, he resides in Aurora, Missouri. He was a key figure in the militarization and Nazifaction of the Klan in the 1980s. His subsequent deal with federal prosecutors to testify against other extremists made him the target of derision in a mostly unforgiving movement.

In his seventies and shuffled to the sidelines by mainstream society and pronounced a traitor by much of the hate world that once embraced him, Miller's attack could be a desperate and pathetic swan song that is not simply about the promotion of violent hate. On a more selfish level, it could also be a last, though deadly, whimper for relevance or rehabilitation, in an increasingly leaderless hate world where violence is the remaining dog whistle for a shrinking core of the bigoted civilly illiterate.

The hateful horrendous acts were presaged by words in his 2002 publication "A White Man Speaks Out," where he urges a race war against Jews:

The Jews have greatly damaged you morally and spiritually, but your genes are unblemished.

We have been the same race for a thousand generations, since before our common forefather, who with his sons and daughters in tow, crossed westwards the entire width of Western China and Europe with nothing but his battle-axe and his will to live to sustain him. The racial chain binding us to him has never been broken. A thousand generations of the White Aryan Race.

Preserving this chain and passing it intact to generations-to-come is the true purpose of life itself. Everything else pales to meaninglessness or religious lunacy in comparison.

Twenty million Jews (that's all there are in the world); these swarthy, hairy, bow-legged, beady-eyed, hooked-nosed, parasitic midgets; now swear to the world that this time, the White Aryan Race will be wiped from the face of the Earth, drowned forever in a sea of colored mongrels.

My generation is beaten. But the youth and the generation to come can win, but only if they come to know the truth about their deadly enemies, the Jews.

Among our youth and in their genes, there are Alexander the Great's, Thomas Edisons, Caesars, Richard Wagners, Nathan Forrests, Stonewall Jacksons, Martin Luthers, and yes, Adolph Hitlers. Our youths need only truth to steer them toward equal greatness and beyond.

You can continue to doom them or you can steer them toward that greatness and a chance to create a secure future in which the racial chain of our forefather will continue for another thousand generations and his genes will be spread throughout the universe...

[C]lear your mind of Jewish garbage, and provide you[rself] with the knowledge and understanding necessary to defeat the Jews and save our Race.

From Nazi's to a New Militarized Klan
Miller's roots in the hate world are long-standing, starting with membership in a Nazi group in 1976, while still in the Army, where he previously served two tours in Vietnam. As a member of the National Socialist Party of America, he was involved in a violent battle on November 3, 1979 in Greensboro, NC, with Nazis and Klan members on one side and Communists on the other, that left five of his adversaries dead. Shortly, thereafter he founded a North Carolina Ku Klux Klan group, where he was known for revitalizing old chapters, producing the White Carolinian newspaper, marches and unsuccessful campaigns for elected office. He was also among the first hatemongers to use pre-Internet computer bulletin boards. Miller boasted of appearances on national television shows such as Good Morning America and Sally Jesse Raphael.

Miller, however, was not just a pioneer in growing the ranks and publicity of his Klan group, which according to the Southern Poverty Law Center surged to 1,000 members across nearly two dozen chapters by 1985. He sought the formation of a white supremacist "Christian Army" that trained with heavy weapons and camouflage and maintained close ties with neo-Nazis, something Klan groups previously avoided. He received $200,000 from a violent hate group called The Order, though he was not involved in their most notorious crimes. The Order's laundry list of crimes included the assassination of Jewish radio KOA Denver radio host Alan Berg in 1984, the bombing of a temple and the commission a 3.6 million dollar Brinks armored car heist in Ukiah, California. According to Miller, the Order's leader told him:

"Mr. Miller, I represent a group of people who want to help certain White organizations by providing large financial donations. I found my voice, and inquired, "Is the money stolen?" Quickly and without batting an eye, he answered, "Yes, it is, but it was stolen from ZOG's [Zionist Occupied Government] banks

Under a new name the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux the group drilled and prepared for a war to win America back for whites. They gathered sophisticated stolen military weapons including AR-15s, night vision equipment, and tank busting rockets. Miller and others were held in criminal contempt for violating federal court orders relating to their military type activities. Miller has written that he served in the Army from 1959 to 1979, retiring as a Master Sergeant. While operating under a new name called the White Patriot Party, which lasted from March 1985 to 1987, Miller issued a "Declaration of War" in the Spring of 1987 against his enemies including Jews, the federal government and civil rights leader Morris Dees and briefly went underground before being captured with an arsenal of weapons.

I left my home and family in Virginia on March 18, 1987, after taking out a $100,000 life insurance policy...[and] decided to go underground and wage war against the Jews and the federal government. Since they wouldn't allow me to fight them legally above ground, then I'd resort to the only means left, armed revolution....

Using a rented copy machine, we printed 2,000 copies of my Declaration of War, inside our rented apartment in Monroe, Louisiana, and then mailed them to around 1,900 selected members of the WPP, other White groups, the Associated Press, U.S. Attorney Sam Currin, the U.S. Congress and Senate, SBI, FBI, UPI, Associated Press, CBS NBC, ABC, and the New York Times, and a dozen or so other newspapers around the country....

Inside the mobile home and in one of our vans parked outside, the feds found C-4 plastic explosives, dynamite, pipe bombs, hand grenades, fully automatic M-16 and AR 15 machine guns, sawed off shotguns, pistols, cross-bows, and around a half-ton of ammunition, to list some of it.

From Leader to Tainted Informant
Faced with an array of federal charges, Miller shocked the white supremacist world when he became a government witness in exchange for a sentence of five years, though he was released early in August 1990. In recent years, he has done various public speaking and media events as well as circulated hate literature, though his stature in the hate world was significantly damaged by his plea bargain. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010, receiving seven votes and that he was a pen pal to Kevin Harpham, who tried to bomb a Martin Luther King Day celebration in 2011.

Fatal Anti-Semitic Attacks Rare, But Repetitive in United States
Lone extremists have been involved in various fatal attacks on Jewish targets over the last 20 years, including a 1994 shooting of a Chabad van on the Brooklyn Bridge, a 1999 attack on a Jewish community center and murder of a nearby postal worker in Los Angeles by neo-Nazi Buford Furrow, a 2002 shooting at Los Angeles International Airport by loner Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, a 2006 shooting at a Seattle's Jewish Federation center by lone extremist Naveed Afzal Haq, and the 2009 Holocaust Museum shooting by long time Nazi James W. Von Brunn.

While horrifying, statistically, Jews in America have a far greater chance of dying in a car crash than at the hands of an extremist, making the United States the envy of the world for tolerance, if such envy actually materially exists much elsewhere. Of the 5,796 hate crimes reported in the United States in 2012, 1,166 were committed on the basis of religion, with 59.7 percent or 674 anti-Jewish, with no fatalities. It is estimated that there are no more than several thousand Klan members across the nation, and hard-core hatemongers commit a very low percentage of hate crimes. However, when they do, as appears to be the case yesterday, or at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, they can be fatal, and hard-core hatemongers account for a greater percentage of hate homicides than they do hate crime in general. The Alabama based Southern Poverty Law Center enumerated 939 hate groups in the United States in 2013, a decline from the previous year, with 5 in Kansas and 23 in Missouri. The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish civil rights organization, reported that anti-Semitic incidents declined in the United States by 19 percent in 2013, but saw minor assaults increasing. Still, while rare, attacks like this reverberate across the targeted community: "On the eve of the Passover holiday, where Jews around the world celebrate the festival when the ancient Israelites broke the shackles of tyranny , the Jewish community of Kansas City was struck by a tyrant," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, Founder and Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles.

From Miller's "A White Man Speaks Out"

Chapter 17: My Predictions Should The Jews Continue To Rule
1. Legal age of consent lowered to 12, then to 10. Drugged and diseased adolescent White girls and boys selling themselves to White men and giving the fee to their Negro or Hispanic pimps.
2. All laws suppressing sexual freedom, including those discouraging public acts of homosexuality and bestiality are vetoed by the One World Constitution. However, human participants must be at least age 10.
3. All drugs legalized and taxed by One World Government, creating five million new jobs in the U.S. alone.
4. Prostitution legalized for adults of both sexes above the age of 9, reducing unemployment to world record low, and raising One World Government revenue to new heights.
5. Interracial married couples rewarded with 10-year tax exemption, with three years added for each bi-racial offspring produced.
6. Punishment for hate crimes committed against any "protected class" elevated to the death penalty, with appeals limited to 30 days.
7. United Nations forms special international anti-terrorist task force to track, arrest and "hospitalize" racists and anti-Semites. (Racism, anti-Semitism, Christianity, and Muslim fundamentalism all officially classified as mental illnesses).
8. World disarmament. Nuclear weapon stockpiles destroyed except those located in Israel, after unanimous vote by United Nations Security Council.
9. World population lowered from 7.5 billion to 2 billion by Jewish created wars, famine, disease, and test tube virus' unleashed by Israeli scientists (as was AIDS, genital herpes, and Ebola) to make the world cleaner and more manageable for the Jewish Master Race. (Western European and Muslim countries especially hard hit).
10. Race war erupts across the United States. After repeated urgent appeals by the President and both houses of Congress, the United Nations sends in 15 million international peace-keeping troops from India, China, and South and Central America to booster hard pressed American forces, and after only 18 months, 75 million White male "racists" are killed, wounded, or imprisoned. But peace and democracy are restored.
11. Except for small pockets of White survivalists located in Alaska, the Canadian wilderness and a few remote areas of the Northwestern U.S., both North and South America are ethnically cleansed of White males. Surviving young White females however, seem happy and contented, and are adjusting naturally to their colored mates and children. Bold young pioneers creating a truly race-less, democratic world society.